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  • Google Elevates Local Marketing to Prime Time

    Google Elevates Local Marketing to Prime Time October 18, 2017 by Jon Schepke Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Local marketing has reached a new level of importance based on the measurable results it can provide. The evolution of the Google My Business (GMB) API is part of this overall equation.

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  • Why Voice Search Is the Future

    Voice search is taking over my home. And soon, it will take over your business. In the morning, my kids use the Echo as an alarm clock. They talk to Echo to plan their days, to check the weather, and to get the news. I can hear my son talking to Echo in his room and my daughter in hers before they say hello to Mom and Dad.

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  • Three Ways Location Marketing Is Changing in 2017

    Location marketing is changing in some important ways in 2017. The fundamentals remain as relevant as ever: businesses that operate multiple locations need to create contextual content, unleash location data, and provide compelling experiences to convert consumer searches into sales. But people are searching differently.

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  • Uncovering the white spaces of opportunity for local search

    The time has come for businesses to frame their search marketing in the context of a broader media landscape that includes all the ways people discover brands. One of the implications of this is a new focus on location. Because “near me” mobile moments are experiencing a dramatic rise, brands must use the context of location across all their search marketing efforts — paid, earned and owned.

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