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  • Why Voice Search Is the Future

    Voice search is taking over my home. And soon, it will take over your business. In the morning, my kids use the Echo as an alarm clock. They talk to Echo to plan their days, to check the weather, and to get the news. I can hear my son talking to Echo in his room and my daughter in hers before they say hello to Mom and Dad.

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  • Uncovering the white spaces of opportunity for local search

    The time has come for businesses to frame their search marketing in the context of a broader media landscape that includes all the ways people discover brands. One of the implications of this is a new focus on location. Because “near me” mobile moments are experiencing a dramatic rise, brands must use the context of location across all their search marketing efforts — paid, earned and owned.

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  • How healthy is your location data?

    This is the time of year when my industry colleagues make bold predictions about trends affecting local marketing in 2016. But I'm more concerned about a question you should be asking right now: how healthy is your location data? I doubt that many brands spend much time thinking about data health. It's not the sexiest topic in our industry, and its importance is vastly underestimated.

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  • Beyond Listing Management: Why You Need a Location Data Strategy

    Everything you knew about listing management has changed. Listing management is more than a "paid listings" tactic on tier-two search engines that fails to convert to customers. Additionally, listing management is more than a foundation for local SEO. Listing management has evolved into an owned-media strategy fueled by location data to grow your brand in the mobile era.

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  • Google Buy Button a Reminder to Make Local Marketing Compelling

    If you are on the fence about investing into local marketing, Google may soon give you a clear reason to move forward. Last month, SEW reported that Google will test "buy buttons" that make it easier for consumers to buy what they want directly through search results. The Buy button, living in ads that appear alongside search results, will reveal inventory and purchase funct ...

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  • Local and Mobile Converge in 2015

    Forrester recently conducted a study that discusses how companies with multiple locations are applying local search to build their brands. As I read the many findings and recommendations I was struck by one inescapable conclusion: succeeding with local search means succeeding with mobile marketing…mobile success is synonymous with local.

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  • Introducing the Local Marketing Adoption Curve

    The explosion of channels and devices has made the opportunity to connect with consumers more abundant, as well as more daunting, than ever. Today, marketers must ensure their brands are visible where and when their customers are looking for them - locally, nationally, and globally - as well as contextually relevant and engaging in the content and experiences they provide acr ...

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