Jonathan Allen

  • Why #SEOscience Is Always a Massive Fail

    Bloggers love to marvel at the wonders of #SEOscience because the guardians of the Google make us believe it’s the key to earning links. Actual Snake Oil! The dirty secret is that anyone can be a scientist in this industry, and you don’t need any qualifications in computer science to state your claim as an #SEOscience expert.

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  • What I Learned About Content Marketing in 2014

    “Content is King”: it’s message still rings true, but this overused industry aphorism is actually completely useless. As far as advice goes, it’s as good as telling your locked-out neighbour that the keys she lost are in the last place she left them. Similarly, although there are a lot of tools out there to help you track audience engagement with your content after the fact ...

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  • Analyzing SEO WordPress Plugins

    According to W3, WordPress now powers more than 22% of the web. It was the fastest growing CMS in 2013, and that trend has showed no signs of stopping. We conducted a study of over 48 million sites using the SEO service Lipperhey and found that, of the sites with CMS’s that the SEO tool was able to identify, WordPress powers 68% of them.

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