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  • Vertical Video Really Might Be More Engaging

    “Vertical Video” or portrait format will become a mainstay video ad format by 2018. That’s just one surprising, and admittedly jarring, prediction from Sarah Wood, Co-Founder and CEO of Unruly, the viral video analytics company that is probably best known for the viral video chart. You can read all her really interesting predictions around video advertising and the online vi ...

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  • Opinion: Why #Twitter10k Is A Great Idea

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes, 23 seconds According to fairly substantiated rumours circulating the tech world, media outlets, and the Twittersphere, Twitter — the social network known for brevity — is about to take users “Beyond 140.” Re/code first broke the news that tweets could soon reach new lengths: 10,000 characters, to be exact, “according to multiple sources f ...

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  • A Few Big Thoughts on the #Twitter10K Tweet News

    How 10K helps Twitter move closer to its roots, and why it isn’t a concession to brands. A few weeks ago, re/code broke the likely-true rumor that Twitter is set to expand its character limit, potentially up to 10,000 characters. A #Twitter10K storm emerged in the aftermath as — irony of lamenting social media change notwithstanding — both Twitter users and opinionators flipped out.

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  • Social Search Engines Are Dead. Long Live Social Search Engines.

    Estimated reading time: 13 minutes, 33 seconds In October this year, as quiet as a mouse, Facebook unveiled Search FYI, and the world seemed to hardly notice. Sadly, 2015 also saw real-time search engine Topsy close it’s doors and the world seemed to hardly notice that either. Nonetheless, for many in our industry, the news of Topsy represented a loss of a fantastic intelligence tool.

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