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  • Ask Yoast: security measures new domain

    There are several reasons to move your website to a new domain. Maybe you’ve gained access to a much stronger domain. Perhaps you’re changing direction or you’re rebranding. Or you’d like to start over with a new name and a new site. Assuming you have a good reason for moving your site to a new domain – other then “this name just sounds catchier” – there are some things to cons ...

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  • Ask Yoast: AMP for small business owners

    You may have heard the term “AMP” very often lately. In 2015, Google pushed out this new concept called Accelerated Mobile Pages, in short AMP. AMP aims to make pages load instantly on mobile and, thereby, drastically improve the performance of the mobile web. You might wonder if you should get started with it too.

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  • Social media optimization with Yoast SEO

    Our Yoast SEO plugin handles optimization of your WordPress site for search engines and we dare say it does that pretty well. Most of that is technical optimization, like our XML sitemap functionality, as well as aids in content optimization, like your content and readability analysis. But there’s more to SEO than that.

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  • Ask Yoast: importance of keyword strategy

    Optimizing your site or page for words that people don’t use doesn’t make any sense. That’s why you have to do proper keyword research. You’ll have to get inside the heads of your audience and find out what words they use while searching. There should always be a keyword strategy behind the keywords you pick.

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  • Ask Yoast: can I cancel a 301 or 410 redirect?

    After creating a redirect, it might happen you’d like to use the URL of that post or page again. Or perhaps you decide that you’d like to cancel that redirect after some time. Reasons for this could be that redirecting that post or page was a mistake, or the post or page contains valuable content again.

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  • Playing with the X-Robots-Tag HTTP header

    Traditionally, you will use a robots.txt file on your server to manage what pages, folders, subdomains or other content search engines will be allowed to crawl. But did you know that there’s also such a thing as the X-Robots-Tag HTTP header? In this post we’ll discuss what the possibilities are and how this might be a better option for your blog. Quick recap: robots.

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  • Performance optimization in an HTTP/2 world

    A revolution is currently going on in the underpinnings of the web. HTTP, the protocol your browser uses to connect to your site, has a new version: HTTP/2. This is not something that should concern the average user, but for web developers, it changes how we do performance optimization entirely. In this short article, I want to explain what performance optimization best practic ...

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  • Ask Yoast: change URLs when relaunching website?

    Relaunching a website can be an overwhelming project. You need a new design and perhaps new functionalities. What should you do with your existing content? And what about new content? The more changes you want, the more challenging it gets. In this process you might face the question if you should change or keep your URLs.

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  • Yoast SEO for Magento2 and TYPO3

    Is your online store or website built with Magento2 or TYPO3? Always felt a bit envious of WordPress users outranking you, because of the advantages Yoast SEO brings them? Then we’ve got some great news for you. We’re partnering with MaxServ, and together we’re working on Yoast SEO for Magento2 and Yoast SEO for TYPO3! Yoast SEO makes SEO easy for WordPress users.

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  • Yoast SEO 4.0: lightning fast internal linking

    After months of hard work, we are ready to show Yoast SEO 4.0 to the world. In this version, we’re shipping an awesome Premium feature that many of you will find very, very helpful. We’ve figured out how to make the search for related posts to link to, fast and faultless. In this post, we’ll explain what you can expect.

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  • Archive SEO: archive by topic, not by date

    A common practice for many blogs is to use date-based archives for their archive pages. These long lists of links, sorted by month and year, group posts that were made during that period. Although this initially might make sense, it can have an adverse impact on your archive SEO. So how do you optimize your archives for SEO? Archives by date Does anyone ever visit a website to ...

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  • Ask Yoast: how to rank globally

    Ranking in your own country is one thing, ranking around the globe is quite another thing though. It poses other challenges. Imagine you’re organizing trips for tourists who’ll visit your country, how do reach those tourists? In this Ask Yoast, I’ll explain what’s essential for your global SEO strategy. We received the following question from Thushi from SriLankaHolidayIdeas.

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  • Let us care for your site: Yoast SEO Care

    As a hard-working site owner, it is often difficult to find the time to work on issues that are holding your company back. You might find that the blog posts of your competitor appear higher in search results, but you don’t know what to do about it. Or, you might discover that your site isn’t performing as well as you’d like, even after you’ve tried everything in your power.

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  • Yoast SEO 3.9

    It’s high time for a new release of our SEO plugins. Since moving to a two-week release schedule, we’ve fixed more bugs than ever and added some awesome new features. With version 3.9, we are gearing up for the big four-oh. In that last release of this year, we will add something remarkable. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Right now, we’re talking about Yoast SEO 3.

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  • Ask Yoast: Duplicate content on LinkedIn Pulse

    Social media is not only an important part of your marketing strategy, but it’s important for your SEO strategy as well. LinkedIn publishing platform Pulse is one of the many content publishing platforms out there. You can read stories and news from other publishers, and you can publish your own content.

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  • Ask Yoast: why and how to minify your JS and CSS

    If you check your site speed with Google PageSpeed Insights you might get the advice to minify your Javascript (JS) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) files. Your JS files contain the code of the interactive elements of your website. And in your CSS files you specify the design of your pages. Minifying those files will decrease your page load time and thereby provide a better user experience.

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  • How to change your WordPress permalink structure

    At Yoast, whenever we do a website review, we frequently recommend people change their permalink structure. In this post, we’ll explain why you should consider changing your permalink structure and how to go about it. Why change your WordPress permalink structure? A common thing we see in permalink structures are the usage of dates.

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  • Ask Yoast: SEO tactics for link building

    As you might know, links from other websites are an important ranking factor. But you might wonder how to get those quality links. What SEO tactics should you use? First, let us tell you one thing about the SEO value of links: quality often beats quantity. One link from a high ranking site can do more for you than lots of links from less successful websites.

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  • Ask Yoast: importance of using excerpts

    Want to know how to create attractive archive pages? And how to increase click-through rates to your posts or pages? Make sure to write short and appealing excerpts for every post or page. The excerpt should be a teaser to get people to read your post. In this Ask Yoast, Joost explains the importance of using excerpts.

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  • Yoast SEO 3.8

    In the latest release of our flagship plugin, Yoast SEO 3.8, we’ve made several enhancements and fixed some bugs. In addition to that, we’ve made some new strides in our continuing quest for better accessibility of our products. Our other plugins also received numerous updates, in particular, Video SEO.

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