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  • Site speed: tools and suggestions

    Site speed is one of the factors that determine whether you get a good ranking in Google. While site speed was historically not the most important ranking factor, its importance seems to be growing. A slow website will also result in a slower crawling rate, so Google indexes pages on your site at a slower rate. New posts will take longer to show up in the search results.

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  • Weekly SEO recap: Google update galore

    This week we started with a Google update that rolled out over the weekend. Then there was “some” more news that came out of Google. Ranging from Google Penguin to a Search Console homepage redesign, we’ve got quite a bit to cover, so let’s dive right in! Major update over the weekend I won’t go into much detail on this as I already did that earlier this week, go read that pos ...

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  • HTTP 451: content unavailable for legal reasons

    At the end of last year, a new HTTP status code saw the light. This status code, HTTP 451, is intended to be shown specifically when content has been blocked for legal reasons. If you’ve received a take down request, or are ordered by a judge to delete content, this is the status code that allows you to indicate that. The upcoming Yoast SEO Premium 3.

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  • Google core algorithm update: brand terms

    Over the weekend we saw an incredibly big shuffle in Google search results. I wrote about it earlier this week, as we were researching what happened. I’ll be honest: we’re still researching. But let me update you on what we know and don’t know about this Google core algorithm update. What we know We know a few things about this update now.

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  • Google update: Real time Penguin? Or something else?

    We’re currently seeing one of the biggest and most dramatic changes in Google rankings we’ve seen in the last few years. At first we were guessing it’s the promised real time Google Penguin roll out, but all the reports seem to say that it’s multi-faceted and not really tied purely to links, so we’re not 100% sure. In this post I’ll explain what we know right now and what we think about that.

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  • Weekly SEO Recap: Happy new year!

    First of all, a happy new year to you all! This is the first weekly recap of 2016 and the first weekly recap of the last 3 weeks so we have a few weeks of news to cover. Luckily, we weren’t the only ones taking it slow, so it’s about a normal week’s worth of news. Google “No country redirect” stops working, then comes back For a short while I was slightly freaked out.

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  • Yoast Vlog: Google Hummingbird explained

    In August 2013 Google rolled out the Hummingbird update. Unlike most other updates this wasn’t just a change to the algorithm; it was more like a replacement óf the algorithm. Why this big change? It’s closely related to Google’s vision of the ‘perfect search engine’, that Larry Page once described as “understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you want.

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