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  • Lookalike modeling breathing new life into old channels

    Lookalike modeling isn’t new. It’s been a mainstay of the ad tech industry for years, used to help advertisers expand digital audiences while maintaining relevancy of targeting. The principle is simple. Brands want to attract new visitors to their site. What better way to do this than to identify prospects who resemble existing visitors (or customers)? What is new is the daz ...

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  • 5 steps to making ‘SENSE’ of early lifecycle marketing

    With the holidays in full swing, and shoppers searching for those last few hard-to-find gifts, brands are looking for a way to stand out to consumers. One great way is to cultivate the people who have already shown an interest in your brand, say, those who have signed up for your newsletter (We like to call them “members”).

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  • Simple steps to addressing your one-time buyer problem

    After months of planning your marketing strategy for Black Friday and beyond, the holiday shopping season is finally here in full swing. Breathe a sigh of relief, but don’t get too comfortable — now it’s time to tackle the next challenge: what to do with all of those shiny new holiday shoppers. Some of your new customers might join the ranks of your most loyal shoppers, but ...

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  • 3 techniques to boost holiday CLV with advanced segmentation

    There’s a good reason for New Year’s resolutions — with the holidays comes mass consumption. And while some of us might be concerned with our calorie intake, retailers have other concerns: US consumers will spend over $655 billion during the holidays. For the retail industry, the holiday season is a sure-fire source of new customers.

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  • The 3 things to look for in a customer-centric marketing tool

    Historically, marketing has been all about the product; however, today most marketing teams are striving to put the customer first. Of course, the teams still want to drive sales, but following the theory of “customer-centric marketing,” they now place the individual customer at the center of marketing design and delivery rather than the product.

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  • The secret to intelligent growth: Know your customers

    As a marketer, you are more accountable for driving growth than ever before. As part of your growth strategy, you put acquisition programs in place to bring in new customers and often offer promotions to keep them coming back. However, as e-commerce brands reach the saturation point and digital advertising formats mature, the cost per acquisition is increasing.

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  • 3 doable steps toward always-on, always-relevant marketing

    The traditional marketing campaign is a topic long debated by industry experts and novices alike. For every article declaring that the campaign is dead, there’s another celebrating its virtues. And while the future of marketing will likely be about continuously engaging customers with relevant content seamlessly across channels, that world can seem like a far-fetched fantasy ...

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  • 4 strategies for stretching your summer marketing spend

    “What can we do to get more out of our marketing budget while spending less?” Groan, eye roll and so on. It’s a common request that makes marketers collectively cringe, yet it’s a challenge we’re constantly asked to overcome. So, how does one beat the marketing heat and make the most of a summer budget? We’ve compiled some advice for the marketer looking to make a splash in the coming months.

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  • The loyalty funnel: 3 KPIs for measuring customer retention

    As retailers move from acquisition-heavy marketing tactics to a more balanced view of how to find and keep great customers, loyalty and retention marketing have become stronger priorities for today’s data-driven marketers. When approaching customer loyalty as a marketer, it’s imperative to consider the multiple stages of brand engagement each customer travels through, and ho ...

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  • 5 customer-centric metrics to implement today

    Retailers are progressively striving toward customer-centricity, a strategy in which companies seek to maximize financial value by focusing on the needs of their most valuable customers. While in theory, this sounds like every marketer’s dream, in practice, the nightmare of implementation stops many would-be customer-centric companies from becoming truly customer-centric.

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  • Making The Most Of Social Media, Even When It’s Not Driving Sales

    Despite much of the hype around social media “Buy” buttons and shoppable links, social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest continue to drive only a small portion of online retail sales. In fact, according to the Custora E-commerce Pulse Holidata Report (Disclosure: Custora is my employer), less than two percent of e-commerce sales this past holiday se ...

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