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  • Publishers, embrace the rise of real-time social storytelling

    There’s been a great deal of discussion about the future of the publishing world lately. I’m constantly reading articles with questions like, “What implications does Facebook Instant Articles or Apple News hold for publishers?” “Are traditional publishers going extinct?” and “How can publishers survive in this digital first world?” I’m here to put these questions to rest.

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  • 7 Billion People, One Story: The Power of Content Curation

    Skrillex, Diplo and Calvin Harris are some of the world’s most popular DJs. They dominate the music scene, publishing record-smashing hits and selling out massive venues with their cult of loyal followers. But unlike the Bruce Springsteens of the music world, these artists aren’t typically known for creating original music.

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  • The Whole Nine Yards: What The NFL Can Teach Marketers About Brand Engagement

    The pure unbridled energy that comes from watching your team score the winning touchdown now extends far past your home team’s stadium walls, thanks to social media. Whether you’re sitting on the sidelines, camped out in your favorite bar or screaming at the TV in the comfort of your own home — the digital world is at your fingertips, sparking conversation and incentivizing ...

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  • Talk Human To Me: Why It’s Time For Brands To Get Real

    How many times have you been at a party, stuck talking to that one person who won’t shut up? The narcissistic, self-centered bore who flips every conversation back to their favorite topic: themselves. My guess would be too many. I know those are the people I want to stay as far away from as possible.

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  • Want More ROI From Your Social Programs? Take A Look In The Mirror

    A decade after social networks burst onto the marketing scene, new research from Altimeter Group has confirmed a shift that experts have predicted for years: Marketers are no longer too worried about scaling their social media programs. Instead, their number one priority today is integrating that social content into their existing digital marketing programs: websites, mobile ...

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  • Gone In 15 Seconds: The Top 3 Reasons People Leave Your Website

    If you run the typical website, more than half of the people who visit leave in fewer than 15 seconds. If that’s not a red flag to you, it should be. As digital marketers push the boundaries of delivering a truly excellent customer experience, brand websites are re-emerging as one of their most important marketing channels.

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