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  • 9 Questions Every Content Marketing Job Candidate Should Ask

    There I sat. Palms sweating. Heartbeat racing. Mind spinning. My first content marketing job interview. I was prepared (for the most part). I had practiced and reviewed everything about marketing I had learned up until that point. My jargon and marketing-speak were on point, I knew what KPI, SEO, and USP stood for; I knew that proven value, ROI, and data were the lifeblood ...

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  • 4 Dead Simple Ways to 10x Your Content and Drive More Traffic

    The process of creating content for your website in hopes of attracting a wave of traffic has changed in recent years. In the past you’d be able to throw up a simple 500-word article onto your blog and get a stream of traffic. As long as it provided some semblance of value and had a few keywords thrown in, it was good enough.

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  • 3 Tips to Create Ultra-Targeted Content for More Engagement

    A few weeks ago I was speaking with a friend and fellow content marketer who was having difficulty nailing down how to create content her audience wanted to engage with. “Why do you want more engagement,” I asked out of curiosity. She told me that one of the ways she judges whether her content strikes a chord with her audience is the level of engagement. Valid point, I agreed.

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  • 5 Growth Hacks That Continuously Deliver Results

    “Growth hacking” is a hot term in the marketing community and many people are denouncing the strategies. But what is growth hacking really? I like to define it as any strategy that helps your brand grow and reach new audiences quickly and efficiently. The term growth hacking itself might be a new one, but the strategies have been around for a while.

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