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  • How The New York Times Took Native Advertising Global

    Today, plenty of brands and publishers have content studios. But when The New York Times launched T Brand Studio, its native ad shop, a few years ago, the content marketing space still had that new car smell. The Gray Lady took a big risk investing in a new model that blended editorial creativity with marketing. Thus far, that risk has paid off.

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  • Webinar: How GE Keeps a Huge Audience Coming Back for More

    “I basically ignored press releases and focused one hundred percent on storytelling. My stories have real protagonists who are trying to solve real problems and reach real outcomes. ” That’s Tomas Kellner, editor-in-chief of GE Reports, explaining his content marketing approach in early 2015. While most companies were just warming up to the idea of storytelling, Kellner and GE ...

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  • How Microsoft Could Turn LinkedIn Into a Legitimate Facebook Rival

    Every social network has a personality. Twitter is for the clever individual trying to turn current events into a punchline. Facebook is for the opinionated person who overshares details about private life. Instagram is for those who want to filter their lives through indulgence. But LinkedIn? That’s where users go to be boring. As the internet’s corporate rolodex, LinkedIn gets the job done.

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  • Infographic: The 6 Types of Millennials

    There are marketers out there who would sell their vital organs if it meant they could get inside a millennial’s brain. After all, who needs a kidney when you can seduce millions of young people to pay for your bespoke financial services? But therein lies the problem—some marketers see everyone born between 1980 and 2000 as the same person. We’re not. Because there ...

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  • Most Valuable Publishers

    When most athletes announce their retirements, they wipe away tears during a press conference and answer banal questions from beat reporters. When Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant told the world he was going to hang up his Nikes for good, he wrote a poem. What’s more noteworthy than the quality of Bryant’s free verse is where the poem was published: on The Players’ Tribune, ...

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  • The Quest for the Perfect Headline

    The best headline ever written is “Headless Body in Topless Bar.” It appeared on the front page of the New York Post in 1983—simple, symmetrical, and intriguing. Five words that tell a story but still compel you to find out more. Today, you’d probably never see that headline, at least not online. Most publishers now favor either conversational titles or listicles, ideally with ...

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  • Why First Round Review Launched 9 Magazines

    In publishing, quality always means more than quantity. But when a company manages to pull off both, it tends to make a name for itself. Take Condé Nast, which puts out 21 print magazines; Hearst produces 19. Online, Gawker Media has 24 blogs. These impressive outputs all come from traditional media companies, but another publisher from an unlikely industry is taking on the cha ...

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  • How Startups Hack Their Growth Through Content Marketing

    It seems like we’ve hit a point where the money pouring into technology companies almost seems fake. Every day, you can read about another startup getting an eight- or nine-figure investment. Uber was recently valued at over $50 billion. Airbnb is now worth almost $25 billion. Even Snapchat, which lost an estimated $130 million last year, has a $16-billion valuation.

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