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  • Infographic: The Influence of Instagram

    Once upon a time, Snapchat was in line to take over the social network throne from Facebook. It had unique features, fast growth, and celebrity superusers. But as the hype faded over the last year, one thing has become clear: Snapchat doesn’t have a good revenue model. As Snapchat’s standing dipped, Instagram took off.

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  • Infographic: The Science of Brand Voice

    Whenever I talk to brand marketers, I always make sure to ask them one question: How is your content different than what your competitors create? It’s a simple ask, but I’ve noticed that people have trouble answering it. And a lot of them sound the same. They mention things like truly caring about the customers and using an authentic voice.

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  • How Facebook Could Force Brands to Pivot to Video

    In a recent New York Times Magazine story, Jacob Silverman writes, “Pivoting has become the new failure, a concept to describe a haphazard, practically madcap form of iterative development.” Those who work in digital media know this madcap iteration all too well. In 2017 alone, MTV News, Vocativ, Sports Illustrated, the Huffington Post, Fox Sports, Vice, and Mic have all pivot ...

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  • Attention Editors: We Need to Fix the Pitching Process

    Every few months, I pitch a story to an editor I’ve known since last year. This editor seems like a good guy. He’s pleasant, thoughtful with feedback, understanding if I ask for an extension. We even trade some personal banter once in a while. But whenever I send over the pitch, he never gets back to my first email. I always have to follow up a week later, sometimes two.

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  • The Best Content Marketing of July: The Marketing Machine Never Stops

    July is usually the slow month. After marketers drag themselves back from Cannes with overly tan faces and suitcases full of wrinkled linens, they need a breather. People go on vacation after their vacation. Joe Lazauskas, our editor-in-chief, started wearing boat shoes. Q3 can start off slowly as people work themselves back into game shape. But the marketing machine never stops.

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  • Why It’s Time to Rebuild Traditional Marketing Teams

    I’m not usually one for quotations, but there’s a saying attributed to Albert Einstein that I’ve always appreciated: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. Since marketers always care about getting better results, it’s about time they listened to Einstein’s advice.

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  • The Content Marketer’s Guide to Lead Generation

    This story is part of Contently’s Accountable Content Series, a collection of articles, webinars, case studies, and events we’ve designed to help marketers deliver measurable brand impact and business outcomes with content. To see more content in this series, click here. According to Forbes, 93 percent of B2B marketers claim content marketing drives more leads than traditional marketing.

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  • The Best Content Marketing of May: Brands, Take Note

    The brand magazine has played a really interesting role in the content marketing boom we’ve seen over the last half decade. As people continue to declare print dead, brands are still lining up to produce expensive glossy magazines. Why? Because they look great, and the content is (usually) good. Yet that creative ambition comes with a lot of risk.

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  • Video Measurement Is Broken. Here’s How to Fix It

    In Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel The Sign of Four, Sherlock Holmes says one of his most iconic witticisms, “I never guess. It is a shocking habit—destructive to the logical faculty.” Luckily for Holmes, he never worked in marketing. The famous detective may have had brilliant deductive powers, but even he would’ve struggled to make sense of today’s digital video landscape.

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  • The 3 Most Important Reasons Marketers Use Marketing Technology

    When I decided to stop freelancing as a writer full-time, most of my friends and family assumed it was because of the financial grind. They weren’t entirely wrong; waking up every day to hunt for paychecks wears you down. But the biggest factor behind the decision was fear of the unknown. I’d send out pitches and sit around frustrated as half of them went unanswered.

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