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  • What’s really holding back your messaging program?

    Marketers want to innovate. They want automation and personalization because the ROI can be huge. For many companies, this desire leads to an RFP (request for proposal) for marketing technology to fuel a transformation. But is that really the answer? From what I have seen, a lack of technology is not what’s keeping companies from building successful, targeted messaging programs.

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  • Assessing the maturity of your organization’s messaging program

    In the digital marketing world, the concept of messaging largely revolves around email, SMS and push. And no matter how far we’ve come in our messaging proficiency, there’s always room for improvement as markets and capabilities continue to evolve. To remain at the forefront of this evolution, it’s important for you to understand and address your organization’s strengths and weaknesses.

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  • Marketers, think outside the list

    As marketing evolves, it’s imperative that business leaders and marketers constantly assess their approaches and rethink their customer and prospect engagement strategies. I often write about customer data as corporate assets, but the language, tools and activities around customer data are changing.

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  • Three concepts to help you hit this year’s targets

    Here we go again. New year. New budget. New targets. Budgets get squeezed while targets soar, forcing marketers to adjust their mindset, their skill set and their people-based marketing strategy. Everybody’s business is a little different, but here are three concepts that I believe apply across the board. [Read the full article on MarTech Today.

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  • So you have the data. Now what?

    The battle for the consumer’s share of mind and wallet gets more complex every day. And to win, companies are looking to transform their marketing in big ways, armed with a multitude of available data and modern toolsets. All too often, though, the vision is not supported with the technology, mindset and organizational design to fully engage in a people-based marketing strategy.

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  • Is your email a casualty of the war on spam?

    In the world of email marketing, deliverability is a core issue. It’s commonly known that when you send an email, it doesn’t always reach the intended recipient. Between the sender and the recipient are intermediaries, namely the internet service providers (ISPs) and email service providers (ESPs), which use a mix of internal algorithms and outside filtering technologies tha ...

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  • The path to one-to-one content marketing

    If you’re familiar with my column, you know I have generally been focused on direct response, bottom-of-the-funnel (email) marketing that drives the consumer to action. That’s changing (a little). These last-click-attribution type marketing tactics are fun and easy because they are predictable. We know who we are targeting (e.g.

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  • Measuring email effectiveness in retail banking

    For most industries, email is generally considered a very high ROI marketing channel. But the retail banking sector seems to be an exception to this rule. It’s not that retail banks don’t use email. In fact, most banks are very good at it and have tight operational controls over the channel. They even tend to have a comprehensive view of the customer, given the amount they s ...

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  • The road map to personalization

    We hear it all the time: Marketing must be personalized to drive engagement and keep people engaged. True. But what does that really mean, and how do you get there? At its most basic level, personalization is a message whose content is tailored to the stated or implied needs or interests of the recipient. Personalization is made up of two components: data and content.

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  • 3 gears of a successful marketing program: Looking beyond email click rates

    Could the first quarter of 2016 really be almost over? The reality hit me as I was speaking with a client recently. After we exchanged some jokes about the passage of time, he said, “Can I make a confession? I feel like we’re off to a slow start. I started the year by laying out a long-term growth strategy that included things like building a loyalty program, developing a 36 ...

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  • Freshen Up Your 2016 Email Strategy

    It’s a new year, and predictions abound. I’m not interested in passively waiting to see if they come true; I’d rather take the “make it happen” approach. That means taking stock of where we are, articulating where we want to be, then prioritizing the steps it will take to get there. These are my suggestions for starting 2016 off with a plan to identify areas for improvement ...

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  • Why Marketers Need To Move From Email Reactivation To Continued Addressability

    One of the most universal challenges in email marketing is deciding what to do with the inactive group within your email list. For many, that group can make up nearly half of the email addresses in your marketing database. But “inactive” does not necessarily equal “useless.” There are ways to connect with that group and reopen your lines of communication with many potentiall ...

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  • Google Customer Match From The Email Marketer’s Point Of View

    On September 28, Google announced the release of its Google Customer Match advertising product. If you’re not yet familiar with it, it’s a new way to leverage email addresses to connect with your customers and prospects on the web. Some of how it works is similar to Facebook Custom Audiences or other media in which an email address can be matched with a media site’s user list.

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  • Best Practice Email Marketers Need Not Apply

    Every time I’m asked to deliver a presentation on “best practices in email,” it makes me sigh. The reason is simple: Most of the best practices out there are fairly generic and low impact. They include tactics such as: Create a preference center. Allow people to opt-down (they may not want all your email). Use cascading style sheets (CSS) to create responsive emails. Employ more triggers.

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  • Shhh. Your Email Program Should Be A Secret Weapon

    I’ve worked with several large, well-known companies. Some push the virtual envelope with their email marketing, but let’s face it — many do not. Most, even. There are a number of reasons for this lack of advancement in email strategies. Many marketers feel they simply don’t need to innovate — email is exceeding expectations, or it’s largely ignored by their leaders as a sma ...

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  • Email Marketers: The Marketing Leaders Of The Future?

    I have worked with many young(er) people over the years who have wondered where they could go with a career in email marketing. My advice to them? If they want to be in the marketing profession, they have limitless potential, because the skills taught in email will apply to almost all marketing of the future. In essence, the market is coming to them. It needs their skills.

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  • Planning Email For When It’s Seen, Not When It’s Sent

    The future of email will be live content. First-party data will be the key differentiator in driving results, so the latency of today’s production process will need to change. The advent of real-time content in email over the last few years is changing how marketers can drive relevancy and increase revenue.

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