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  • Why Your PPC Bidding Needs to Evolve

    Search marketing campaigns are evolving, ever-changing organisms. Performance can shift for any number of reasons, and new maneuvers are required to pivot successfully. Using a proactive approach that aligns bidding strategies with recent keyword performance is a good way to stay ahead of the curve. As with anything in your SEM campaigns, your bidding approach should evolve as well.

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  • The data says: Bing paid clicks rising after Firefox deal

    Yahoo’s November deal to become the default Firefox search engine cut off Google’s 10-year run as the presiding default. The deal made headlines, sparked a lot of “why advertisers should pay more attention to Yahoo/Bing” posts, and seemed destined to bolster Yahoo’s 2015 efforts to claw away at Google’s market share.

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  • 55 Questions to Ask Before Restructuring a PPC Account

    If you are a pay-per-click manager, at some point you’re going to inherit an existing account. This may happen when you start a new job, take over an account from a colleague, or onboard a new client with your agency. There is a sense of excitement as you find new opportunities within an account, but all too often folks jump straight into a major campaign restructure before t ...

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  • 6 Tactics to Streamline Your PPC Reporting and Optimization

    I don’t know many PPC managers who aren’t overflowing with work. So, being as efficient and streamlined in your processes is critical for your productivity and sanity! My last article discussed the AdWords homepage and how it can help you get to data efficiently, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Now, let’s focus on other ways to streamline your campaign reporting and optimization.

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