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  • 5 AdWords Extensions You Should Be Using to Improve Conversion Rates

    AdWords is a beast to manage. First, you have to do extensive keyword research to find the terms that will work the best for your campaign. Then, you need to spend money to learn which terms convert and which don’t. Ouch. After that, you have to whittle your term list down, adjust your match types, and find new terms that will be profitable.

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  • 7 Important A/B Testing Rules to Follow to Raise Conversion Rates

    A/B testing is gaining in popularity and is something a lot of businesses are considering as a way to generate more revenue. The reason is simple. By improving conversion rates, websites generate more orders at a lower cost per acquisition. This means better results for the same amount spent on advertising. It’s really a no brainer.

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  • 7 Deadly Web Design Sins You Might Be Making

    Web design is a tricky subject. People have different opinions about what constitutes good web design and what doesn’t. Some people think your site needs to be super sleek with an up-to-date, modern design in order to get attention. Others believe that web design doesn’t really matter all that much and you just need a site that works and lets people do what they want, like Craigslist.

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