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  • When marketing to people you think you know, don’t be blinded by your own POV

    I was lucky enough to experience totality during the recent full solar eclipse. Despite my knowledge, I could understand why someone might think it was OK to look right at the eclipse as it approached totality. The risk was deceptive — it seemed as clear as day (or rather, dark as night) that I could trust my senses to look straight up.

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  • 4 things developers really wish every marketer understood

    The challenges (and myths) of marketing to developers can feel boundless at times. Indeed, the apparent chasm between marketers and our technical customers can be daunting — and the stereotypes sometimes run both ways. But the remedy is a deceptively simple one: empathy. We’re hearing a lot about empathy (or the lack of it) in popular and political culture today.

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  • 6 best practices for building a developer community

    Developers have a reputation among marketers as a tough audience, as we’ve mentioned a time or two before. It’s very true that reaching them through marketing entails unique approaches. In past columns, I’ve gone into the ways a marketer should use content to engage developers, and how important the right attitude and empathy are to creating that connection.

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  • How to market to developers without causing dis-content

    Look at the website of any business selling enterprise services or technology, and I’m certain you’ll find libraries of e-books, white papers and other content for download. Fill out a form that asks for your name and email address to get access to all the PDFs and infographics you’d like. Ideally, you’ve found information that helps you get new insight into a strategic chal ...

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  • You can’t spell “developer marketing” without A-P-I

    I want to be up-front about something: I’m a CMO who hates marketing. Sure, I’m exaggerating. But only to a point: as the marketing lead of a company that sells primarily to developers and other technical practitioners, I’ve learned to be really and truly skeptical of some of the “conventional wisdom” about B2B marketing. Some of that wisdom still holds in my situation.

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