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  • A quick guide to time-saving keyword optimization techniques

    If there’s one thing that almost all of us can agree on, it’s that no matter what changes in the world of digital marketing, there is one constant… there’s not enough time in the day. The developers are busy, the designers are busy, the content team is busy, and you can’t wrangle a moment with the top brass or legal team to gain approval for the site section addition you desperately need.

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  • Three simple resolutions on how to do better SEO in 2016

    Here we are again, fresh into a new year and ready to take on all that life has ahead of us. Let’s be honest though, soon the gym pass will accrue dust and the refrigerator will become friendlier again, but as many of us fall into our old ways later this January, don’t let your digital marketing fall into the same old rut for another year.

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  • Is Your New Content the 'Right' Content?

    For today's search marketers, the content expansion process has created an overwhelming obsession with fresh content. People have been working under the impression that producing fresh content is the only way to really help websites succeed. However, the downfall of these surges in an already fast-paced environment involves many people hastily building content before really ...

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  • Are You Making It Easy For Search Engines To Crawl Your Site?

    After watching the progression of organic search marketing over the years, it is interesting to assess how much things have changed. We went from keyword obsession to conversion optimization - literally from the first impression to the end of the conversion funnel. Though there is a very important middle point: the entry into the site.

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  • 9 Year-Over-Year Data Points Every SEO Should Monitor

    As a digital marketer with a past and a passion for SEO, I have become data lover over the years. It gleans insight on our opportunities, sheds light on our digital issues and weaknesses, and most excitingly, reveals our successes. However, it is important that the SEO tactician with their “head under the hood” is reviewing the right data, under the appropriate comparative pe ...

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  • 3 Tips for Understanding Your “Courtship” with Search Engines

    One of the few difficulties in SEO I often encounter is explaining the process of site optimization to those who do not understand why it's necessary and how it relates to your overall marketing strategy. Taking it a bit further, this can even apply to conveying the principles of SEO to others. Whether you are trying to educate people across the aisle in your marketing depar ...

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  • Are You Making These 4 Additional Silly SEO Mistakes?

    In May, we reviewed some of the more common "silly" mistakes that digital marketers make when they become consumed in the constantly evolving world of SEO. With so much to do within our daily digital responsibilities, it can become quite easy to overlook the simple things. While we only mentioned three last time, let's pick up where we left off last month and review more of these mistakes. 4.

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  • Are You Making These Three Silly SEO Mistakes?

    While SEO is not a new thing to many, it seems like the limelight has been given to other topics, like content marketing. SEO will never die as it is greatly focused on how we get our sites indexed as well as how they are perceived by search engines. I truly enjoy the endeavor of onboarding a client site into an SEO initiative but find that there are many out there that make ...

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  • Keyword Strategy: Then vs. Now

    I caught myself in thought the other day thinking about the SEO of yesterday (more than five years ago) and how much tactics and strategy have changed over the years. Most would agree that SEO strategy isn’t quite as easy as it used to be. Specifically, keyword strategy has changed quite a bit. In this, we don’t plaster a site with keywords as much as we define the relevancy ...

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  • Organic Conversion Reporting: Is It Accurate?

    Little in life is more embarrassing, it seems, than tooting your horn about the success of the organic campaign you manage…only to find that it isn’t accurate. It happens and it seems like it occurs quite often. It’s sad to say that even though you have to take SEO tool data with a grain of salt, you have to do the same with analytical data if you fear you might be making sim ...

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  • Using "Mobile" Tools in Your SEO Strategy

    It is no surprise that organic site visitor trends are showing that site entry via mobile devices has been well on the rise over the past few years. Many of us see these mobile search share reports and understand that mobile definitely has to be a part of our overall SEO strategy. If those reports don’t convince you, take a look at your "By Device Category" breakout in Google ...

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  • Using Analytical Analysis to Help Improve Conversions

    If there is one thing digital marketers want more of, it is success from their sites and marketing initiatives. Of course, no one likes declining sales trends or even the occurrence of just "bumping along." Where do you look for guidance, though? The latest digital marketing book, SEO platform, or digital marketing tool? The secret typically lies in accessing the biggest hamm ...

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  • 7-Point Relaunch SEO Checklist

    Search engine optimization adherence in the website relaunch/redesign process is a topic I enjoy talking about. In the past few years I have covered a few topics of what to think about from an SEO perspective when undertaking a redesign effort and how to assess potential SEO issues you are experiencing after your new site has launched.

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  • Owned Content: Lead Generation vs. Organic Visibility

    If there is one thing I can most often guarantee, it’s that when I surf the search sphere for daily news I find articles about developing great content, how to be successful at promoting content, etc. It seems that many are hard-pressed to find that what angles and tactics will help them create that amazing, resourceful piece.

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