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  • How to keep your app users from dumping you

    Rejection stinks — especially after what you thought was a good first date. Yet in the world of marketing and apps, getting dumped is all too common. There has been a fundamental shift in the way users think, as well as the way they engage, thanks to mobile. Back when apps were first launched, people were enthralled by the excitement of what their devices had to offer.

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  • Individualization: Mobile marketing’s next step

    Throughout my column this year, a few topics have come up again and again. Most notably, I’ve discussed the Mobile Engagement Crisis — the idea that marketers are failing to connect with users, despite spending a huge amount of resources on winning them over in the first place. Yes, they’re getting the initial download. But getting those users to stick around? That’s another story entirely.

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  • 5 ways martech can help you reduce mobile app user churn

    I’ve written a lot about thinking beyond the download and instead focusing on mobile app engagement. I’m a big believer in finding ways to better connect with users you already have, rather than over-investing your marketing dollars in finding new fans, when we know that far too many of those users churn.

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  • Bringing ’90s nostalgia into a mobile world

    If we take a look back at the names hitting the headlines over the past couple of months — Pokémon, Super Mario and Yahoo — something stands out: ’90s nostalgia is back in a big way. However, brands like these, when looking to bring those familiar names into the modern world, will quickly find the game has changed.

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  • How to hold onto the fleeting app user

    For mobile marketers, the stakes have never been higher. Apps are continuing to lose more and more users — but how is this happening? Well, we already know that 23 percent of users will try an app just once and then never use it again. So my question to marketers is: Can you afford to wait? Traditionally, companies have spent large sums of money on user acquisition, believi ...

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  • How retailers are getting mobile engagement wrong

    It seems like every day another major retailer is in the news struggling to maintain profits. Major brands from Walmart to Best Buy have alarmed shareholders and employees alike in recent years with struggling profits and slumping sales. For many of these companies, e-commerce (and by extension, mobile) is viewed as one of their last saving graces.

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  • Here’s how to position yourself to be a new mobile leader

    You’re organizing all wrong around mobile. It’s tough to hear, but it’s true. At some point over the past few years, your CEO, board or executive team found religion in mobile. The edict that this is the year of mobile came down from above. With the best intentions, your organization tapped its top performers (probably you, if you’re reading this) to create a cross-function ...

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  • 5 damaging mobile engagement mistakes

    A couple of weeks back, I sounded the alarm on what my colleagues and I are calling the “Mobile Engagement Crisis.” It’s an industrywide call to arms for marketers to reassess the way they think and act on their mobile strategies in the face of declining retention rates and fickle mobile users. I believe the need for action has come because we are fundamentally flawed in the ...

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  • 5 must-do push notification best practices for mobile marketers

    Burning and churning. If you had asked me a year or two ago, those aren’t words I would’ve used to describe the status of your average mobile user base. But, as I mentioned last month, times have changed, and we’re now in a mobile engagement crisis — so those words are now top of mind for me and many other mobile marketers.

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  • 6 signs marketing is in a mobile engagement crisis

    We weren’t measuring mobile engagement when the iPhone first launched in 2007, but if we were, I have a hunch that the numbers would have been through the roof. When the iPhone arrived on the scene, apps were novel and a delight for users who had been fumbling with old-school phones with overloaded keyboards and terrible interfaces.

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  • Affiliate Summit West 2016 Wrap Up

    Every January, several thousand people head to Las Vegas to attend Affiliate Summit West and kick off their year in performance marketing with a bang. TUNE was well represented with a crew of a dozen representatives from our HasOffers sales, marketing, and product departments. While networking with existing and future clients is always the primary focus of a convention, it’s ...

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  • How Marketing Can Use Big Data To Win Back Users

    When marketers talk about “win back” strategies, they are usually referring to campaigns created to get churned customers to re-engage. However, this traditional view consistently delivers minimal win backs because the programs are executed after the battle has already been lost. Most often in these situations marketers are desperate, and the effort is often accompanied by a ...

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  • Personalization: Your Surefire Strategy To Increase Customer Engagement

    Next time your phone buzzes with a push notification, take an extra second to look at the message that pops up. At first glance, it probably looks simple enough — a hundred or so characters with a call to action. But in truth, there is a lot of intelligence behind that simple notification. Each piece of it can be, and should be, carefully tailored to you as an individual bas ...

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