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  • Three Crucial Truths for Engaging Your Audience on Mobile

    My eight-year-old son recently asked me why the icons for “phone” look so weird. None of these images look like a phone to him: Smartphones have already killed payphones and landlines. Now they’re poised to do the same to desktops and laptops. Google is already reporting more mobile searches than desktop searches.

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  • How to Get Started with Instagram Ads

    Imagine trying to sell Instagram to a venture capitalist back in 2010. “You see, the biggest problem with Facebook and MySpace is that there are too many words. Our social network will be almost entirely pictures. I know, I know, but get this: People will be able to make their pictures look like crappy Polaroids from the 70s and 80s! AND we’ll do it all on mobile, so people ca ...

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  • In a Content Marketing Slump? Spice up Your Program with These Tips

    How can you turn out haute cuisine content on a fast food production schedule? Your content team—especially if it’s a team of one—can be on the hook for creating a vast quantity of content. Between sales enablement, eBooks, white papers, and blog posts, it can be overwhelming. The temptation to churn out uncreative but passable content is hard to resist, especially if you’re ...

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  • New Benchmarks from Marketo: How Does Your Organization Measure Up?

    If digital marketing were a competitive sport, it would be freestyle swimming. We’re all in our respective lanes, each with different audiences to reach. We all have our own unique set of strategies, and our own budget limitations to work with. We’re all trying to get to our finish line as fast as we can.

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  • The New Face of LinkedIn: What You Need to Know about the Redesign

    Even the most starched-shirt professional can use a new look every now and then. Skinny and wide neckties go in and out of fashion. Hemlines trend up and down. You can be fashionable and professional at the same time. All of which to say, LinkedIn has started to roll out a substantial redesign. Not everyone has it yet, but it’s coming soon for everyone, and it’s definitely a ...

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  • How to Create Best Answer Content: 6 Inspiring Examples

    I don’t believe in content shock. The idea that there’s so much content out there, people are tired of content altogether? That no one’s giving new content a chance? That it’s too hard to get new content seen? Not buying it. I think what’s happening is simply this: People don’t want “content.” They want answers to questions. They want a few minutes of entertainment.

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  • What You Need to Know to Get Started with Account-Based Marketing

    Account-based marketing (ABM) is a white-hot buzzword for B2B marketers right now. You see it everywhere: guides, eBooks, infographics, blog posts by handsome bald content marketers–the works. Yet as much as everyone is talking about ABM, there’s still plenty of confusion about what it is and how best to do it.

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  • A Day in the Life: Time Management for Content Creators

    Don’t you hate the days where you’re busy all day with nothing to show for it? Maybe you started three projects and hit roadblocks on all of them. Maybe you kept getting interrupted every time you got up to speed. However it happens, it’s a lousy feeling. There’s panic as the clock seems to pick up speed.

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  • Content Marketing: 4 Ways to Make Sure Your Mobile Content Connects

    How often do you use your smartphone as a phone? Personally, I think of it as more for avoiding human interaction than facilitating it: These days my desktop and home laptop are gathering dust; I can do it all on my phone. The only reason we still call them “phones” is “personal computation device” sounds too nerdy.

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  • 6 Ways to Celebrate the Holiday Season in Your Social Media Marketing

    “On every world, wherever people are, in the deepest part of the winter, at the exact midpoint, everybody stops, and turns, and hugs, as if to say ’Well done. Well done, everyone! We’re halfway out of the dark.’” -Doctor Who Last night, I drove home from work in the dark. I hadn’t stayed late putting the finishing touches on another devastatingly brilliant blog post.

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  • 11 Brain-Training Exercises for Your Content Marketing Team

    Eventually, even the most creative content marketer feels drained. We start thinking of content in commodity terms: If I fill this many buckets full of words, I will have justified my paycheck for today. We churn out content that adds to the mountain of commodity content, instead of writing engaging copy that flies above it.

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  • 7 Steps to Documenting Your Content Marketing Strategy

    There is one thing that nearly 2/3rds of top-performing content marketers do, but only 13% of the least successful do. It’s a clear driver of content marketing excellence. Yet only 37% of all B2B content marketers are doing it. That one thing is to developing a documented content marketing strategy. It’s that simple.

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  • Content Marketing: 10 Daily Habits to Create More Powerful Content

    Marketing is a game of inches. We tweak a headline to get fifty more clicks. Add visual interest for ten more subscriptions. Change the button on the landing page to get five more conversions. All the little gains add up over time to generate real results. Writing more effective copy is a game of inches, too. You don’t write Twilight one week and Moby Dick the next.

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  • 20 Jokes Only a Marketer Could Love

    It’s well past time for marketers to get serious about comedy. The best way to connect with an audience is by authentically appealing to them on a human level. Adding humor to marketing is one of the most powerful ways to make that appeal. Telling a joke does more than provide a moment’s diversion. When people share in a joke, it creates a sense of belonging.

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  • [eBook] Influencer Marketing: It’s Time to Get Real

    If you’re interested in influencer marketing, let’s do a little thought exercise: Imagine being invited to a party full of influential people. The moment you walk through the door, you approach the first famous face you recognize and say, “Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but can you help me move this weekend?” Imagine the stunned silence…the sideways glance…the “And you ...

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