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  • Customer journeys, blind spots & burgers: Lessons from fast-food marketing

    For marketers, customer journey analysis often results in accidental narcissism. Analytics are supposed to illuminate our blind spots, not reinforce our assumptions. The most useful customer journey to understand is the one that leads a consumer to your competitors’ cash register. And one of the best examples of this dynamic is the quick-serve restaurant (QSR) industry.

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  • Blinded by data: 5 ways to deal with data overload

    For marketers, the mandate to drive revenue has led to an explosion of analytics solutions. There’s a dashboard for virtually every marketing metric you can think of — buzz, sentiment, NPS (Net Promoter Score), brand engagement and several other voice-of-customer visualizations. But the barrage of bar charts blinking in the faces of marketers is blinding them to the data tha ...

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  • Enough analysis, already! 8 tips for avoiding data fatigue

    “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” — William Bruce Cameron, sociologist It may be heresy coming from a marketing analytics company like Quantifind (my employer), but today’s marketer simply has too much analysis. We’ve finally passed that tipping point where the human capacity to absorb and act on data has become over-s ...

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  • Data-driven storytelling: the intersection of numbers and narrative

    Storytelling is a fundamentally important marketing discipline. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most overused buzzwords in our industry. Pundits use “storytelling” to refer to everything from anecdotes and case studies to persona-based marketing. To find a storytelling model that actually refers to the science of creating stories, marketers should consider a model base ...

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  • What “human-in-the-loop computing” means for marketers

    Even in uncertain economic times, marketing technologies continue to flourish. Overworked marketers facing a shortage of hours in the day are discovering enormous efficiency gains with a variety of automated solutions. Marketing analytics is growing faster than any other segment in this category, promising everything from perfecting the customer journey to proving — to even ...

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  • Correlation Or Coincidence: The Race For Causation In 2016

    For marketers, 2015 was the year we figured out that buzz and sentiment were as likely to lead us astray as to offer insights that move the needle. That means the race is on in 2016 for marketing analytics professionals — both in-house and vendors — to figure out how to find data that intelligently correlate to revenues (or at least, to KPIs that are smart approximations of ...

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  • Human Intuition Vs. Marketing Data: Forging A New Alliance

    As marketing analytics continue to evolve at a breakneck pace, an interesting race is beginning to take shape: human intuition vs. machine-based intelligence. Earlier this month, MIT researchers announced they’ve developed an algorithm that can trump human intuition. The “data vs. intuition” debate also popped up in multiple sessions at last month’s Advertising Week in New Y ...

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