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  • 7 unannounced updates to Google My Business we’ve seen in 2017

    We all know that Google is constantly launching updates to their products (over 1,600 last year), and some of these changes are well covered and some slip by unnoticed. I have quietly been keeping track of some of the major changes I’ve noticed so far this year that would impact those of us who work in Local SEO and wanted to share my observations. 1.

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  • When Breaking Google’s Guidelines Is Almost Necessary with GMB

    When Breaking Google’s Guidelines Is Almost Necessary with GMB April 24, 2017 by Joy Hawkins Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary A couple of months ago I was helping a physical therapy business on the Google My Business Forum that was filtered out of the local results on Google because of the Possum algorithm update in 2016.

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  • Is Google really keeping fake listings off Google Maps?

    Google announced last week that they had recently conducted a study to research the actors behind fake listings on Google Maps. The study points out that “geographic proximity is the coin of the emerging localized-search realm,” which matches what I observed with the Possum update in 2016. This major algorithm update was responsible for making proximity to the searcher the # ...

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  • Sneak Peek – The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO

    We decided to give our readers a sneak peak of what kind of information is in the Expert's Guide to Local SEO which just went on sale last week. This particular section only covers 2 out of the 140+ pages in the manual currently. Current LocalU Forum Members can receive 20% off, just visit the forums with your logins for details in the sidebar! How to See ALL the Categories ...

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  • Why Google shutting down Map Maker should terrify SMBs

    Google’s Map Maker has often received bad press due to the amount of spam that originates from users of the product. In May of 2015, Map Maker was actually shut down to help prevent disasters like this one. So Google’s announcement that they’re shutting down Map Maker entirely in March of 2017 made a lot of people really happy.

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  • Study shows Google’s Possum update changed 64% of local SERPs

    In the local SEO community, Google’s recent Possum update was a very big deal. To those of us who regularly track the search results for local businesses, it was obvious there were massive changes on September 1. The SEO community as a whole has been relatively quiet about this huge update, and I believe this is because this update primarily impacted the Local/Maps search re ...

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  • Is Google filtering your business in the local search results?

    It seems very apparent that Google has a filter for local that weeds through all the listings that should appear in the 3-pack on Google and in the Local Finder (when you click “More Places”), then filters some based on their spam score. Bill Slawski wrote about this in July and referenced the patent that was granted June 21, 2016, about it.

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  • Why you cannot ignore practitioner listings on Google My Business (case study)

    Recently, a dermatologist in Hollywood, Florida, hired us for a consultation. He had three listings on Google My Business and wanted to know how to consolidate them. It turned out he actually had five, and the issues they were causing were a bit worse than he had realized. When we started, I made a full list of his duplicates, and this was what we were looking at: An unverif ...

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