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  • Meet the Other B2C (Business to Candidate) Storytelling

    The job market was great in 2015, especially in the tech scene. According to a study from CareerBuilder, we experienced a significant compensation growth this year. Eighty-two percent of employers said that they were planning to raise salaries for existing employees and 64 percent of employers offered higher starting salaries.

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  • Real-Life Bloopers: Examples of Bad Storytelling

    Published 31 mins ago 38 We have all heard and maybe even created bad stories that have resulted in content marketing with poor results. I’m talking about poor messaging and positioning, lack of identification with a target audience, and content that sounds derivative. I have certainly been guilty of the latter.

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  • Sales Enablement Through Storytelling (and Without Marketing Collateral)

    Regardless of who leads sales enablement strategy, your reps need to remove the collateral crutch and practice telling the story instead. Published 1 min ago 0 It’s common to associate storytelling with brand building, but it’s unfortunate that mainstream marketing has confined storytelling to the channels of Twitter, YouTube, byline articles and ad campaigns.

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  • Let’s Get the Story Straight About Storytelling

    Published 1 min ago 28 Storytelling. Messaging. Copywriting. Content Marketing. What do they all have in common? A lot. If so, then what’s the difference? There are endless articles and blog posts that try to define what effective storytelling is. To muddy the waters even more, people have created sub-categories like third party storytelling, visual storytelling, the ...

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