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  • 12 E-Commerce Marketing Tools to Get More Sales in Less Time

    Today’s consumers are on mobile devices, and micro-moments can happen anytime. Consumers expect brands to remain available to them in real time, so e-commerce marketing has changed a lot. Photo by Bench Accounting Now, e-commerce marketing is all about keeping your brand visible to users during their micro-moments. First, people learn about your products.

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  • Top Tools That Help to Sell Your Content Online (2018 Edition)

    The ecommerce industry generates nearly $2 trillion in yearly sales, as per Hosting Facts. If you wish to get in on the action, you need to start your own online business – one that puts your experience and knowledge to good use. A lot of digital entrepreneurs have found success in creating and selling digital products, such as online training and coaching programs, membership ...

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  • 5 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Watch Out in 2018

    AI, IoT, video content, original content production – these are just a few of the forces that is reshaping the world of content marketing. As we move closer to 2018, marketers will need to make their moves and embrace the latest trends around these. Here is a guide to help you with this. The Increasing Relevance of Original Content It recently came to light that Apple ...

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  • 9 Insanely Useful SEO Strategies to Get Faster Results

    SEO is constantly evolving. The best marketers are the ones who continue to revamp their existing SEO strategies in order to drive the best results. Photo by Sonja Langford Google makes changes to its ranking algorithm almost every day, so it is critical for businesses to adapt to these constantly changing ranking factors.

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  • How to Add More Email Subscribers Really Fast

    Email marketing sounds as old as the Internet itself. It might even be so. More importantly, it continues to make online businesses successful like no other digital marketing method. Here are some stats: More than 80% retail professionals consider email marketing as the greatest enabler of customer retention. 77% people prefer receiving permission based promotional messages via email.

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  • 4 Smart Tips to Improve Your Content Marketing ROI

    The smart marketer out there knows how great content marketing can be for any digital brand. Trouble is that for small brands, it becomes difficult to keep on pumping in money for content marketing unless they get concrete results pretty quickly. That’s where I pitch in with help. In this guide, I will share 4 tips that will help you improve your content marketing ROI by driv ...

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  • Top 25 Digital Marketing Influencers to Follow in 2017

    Executive's Corner, Uncategorized KISSmetrics, Wordstream, Moz, Entrepreneur – phew! Some names, these. Millions of web users trust some digital marketing experts to the extent that these wizards are now credible educators and influencers in the sphere of digital marketing. Following the influencers is your vehicle to success, and here’s the list of the best of them to follow for 2017. 1.

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