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  • How To Use Simple Social Media Quizzes To Generate Leads

    There are plenty of ways to generate leads online, but have you ever thought about using a social media quiz to do that? Social media quizzes have a knack for driving traffic, engagement, revenue and generating leads. So today, we’ll be showing you how to create your own social media quiz. What You Will Learn How to generate thousands of leads per day in any niche Why you ...

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  • The Lowdown on Creating Personalized Quizzes to Boost Your Marketing

    Boring content won’t generate the amount of leads you want. As a content marketer, you want to be able to find some form of content that consistently performs well with your audience. Pair that up with personalization and you could improve your click-through rates by 14%, and conversion rates by 10%, according to Aberdeen Group research.

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  • How to Drive Online Revenue Using Social Media Quizzes

    Establishing a strong online presence in the world of e-commerce can be an intimidating process. It takes a considerable amount of time to find and implement the most effective method of driving revenue, not to mention the financial investment required to make such a push. What if you could save time and money on this journey? It’s every marketer’s dream come true.

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  • How to Create a Quiz for Lead Generation and Online Sales

    As we saw before from the first segment of this two-part article, using a quiz for lead generation and a personalized shopping experience can help drive e-commerce sales. At least it did for the five different brands we highlighted. However, it’s one thing to witness the success of others, but it’s another thing to actually take action and replicate that success.

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  • How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Quizzes

    Imagine yourself as an artist, social media as your canvas, and your quizzes your paintbrush. Your job is to create an impactful work of art on that blank canvas known as social media. Let’s face it, social media has become the most effective way of advertising digitally. With Facebook at the forefront, businesses today allocate at least 28% of their spending towards social media advertising.

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  • How to Design an Awesome Online Quiz to Drive Sales

    In a previous article, we looked at five examples of companies that had success using online quizzes. We’ve seen the end result to each of these success stories and the marketing strategies they incorporated along with their quizzes, but what about the journey they took to get there? Without the proper guide, creating an effective quiz like those highlighted in the first artic ...

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  • Successfully Driving E-Commerce Sales With Quizzes

    Published 1 min ago 24 As traditional brick and mortar retailers venture online to expand their marketing horizons, their next goal is to find an effective way to personalize the online shopping experience for customers. Online sales have seen a growth rate of 10 times more than offline sales, but with store owners and sales people physically cut out of the equation, ...

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