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  • Using word vectors and applying them in SEO

    Today, the SEO world is abuzz with the term “relevancy.” Google has gone well past keywords and their frequency to looking at the meaning imparted by the words and how they relate to the query at hand. In fact, for years, the common term used for working with text and language had been natural language processing (NLP). The new focus, though, is natural language understanding (NLU).

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  • Data exploration: An experiment in trying to predict Google rankings

    Introduction Over the last few months, we have been working with a company named Statec (a data science company from Brazil) to engineer features for predictive algorithms. One of the initial considerations in working with predictive algorithms is picking relevant data to train them on. We set out quite naively to put together a list of webpage features that we thought may offer some value.

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  • An experiment in trying to predict Google rankings

    Machine learning is quickly becoming an indispensable tool for many large companies. Everyone has, for sure, heard about Google’s AI algorithm beating the World Champion in Go, as well as technologies like RankBrain, but machine learning does not have to be a mystical subject relegated to the domain of math researchers.

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