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  • Video Marketing: Overview & 8 Companies Doing it Right

    As its name suggests, video marketing involves incorporating video into your overall marketing strategy and campaigns, and it has been growing in trend for the past few years. In fact, Entrepreneur expects 80% of all online content to be video by 2019. That may seem like a staggering prediction to some but I don’t think the ...

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  • Fyre Festival: 3 Business Lessons Learned from Its Failure

    Imagine spending thousands of dollars on an elite weekend in the Bahamas attending a music festival deemed “the next Coachella." You're expecting luxury cabanas, surrounded by the world’s most famous models, athletes, and musicians only to find yourself stranded on ...

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  • How to Build a Social Media Following in 2017

    When I first started working in inbound marketing, everyone would ask, “So, you just sit on Facebook all day?” This was back when inbound marketing was first starting to make waves and Twitter was only a few years old. So, I understood their confusion on not grasping what inbound marketing ent ...

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