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  • ”Wherever There’s Contently There’ll Be Dancing’: An Oral History of 2015

    ​A lot has changed since Contently’s last oral history—far too much to be included in a single story. So, at the risk of offending our interior decorator, our VP of engineering, and the millennials in our office, here are the highlights of 2015 (so far): Ladies@ launches Elisa Cool (VP of Sales): Ladies@ is our initiative to promote female empowerment inside and outside Contently.

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  • Why Vince Staples Can’t Stop Tweeting About Sprite

    Sprite is more than a soft drink: it’s a lifestyle. Vince Staples, the newly popular 22-year-old rapper, wants you to know that. Sprite has a decades-long relationship with hip hop, which crystallized in 1994 with the launch of the “Obey Your Thirst” campaign. Over 20 years have passed since then, but Sprite hasn’t abandoned hip hop.

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  • The Surprising New Adopter of Content Marketing: Law Firms

    John Corey, president and co-founder of communications firm Greentarget, has recently been traveling around the country to speak to law firms about content. At each stop, he’s been asking for a show of hands: “How many people have a dedicated strategy today?” Throughout the year, the number of hands going up has been slowly trickling up.

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  • 3 Visual Trends Marketers Need to Know About

    I could drop some cliché in this intro like “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but you don’t care about that. What you might be interested in, however, is if a picture is worth a thousand leads. Or a hundred leads. Or even one lead. In the world of content marketing, almost every blog post has a hero image, and every social post has a thumbnail.

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  • What Can Brands Learn About Marketing From Street Art?

    When you think about the intersection of branding and art, Andy Warhol is probably the first person who pops into your head. Warhol managed to take a Campbell’s soup can and make it cool. He took a Coke bottle and made it edgy. His career as a commercial illustrator exploded as he explored the relationship of artistic expression and branding.

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