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  • How to Get Noticed by Influencers Without Appearing Needy

    Do you ever wonder why or how there are so many successful bloggers in an industry? Especially in a crowded one like the blogging and online marketing space. Yeah, I used to wonder about that, too. It’s kinda strange, right? Your content is just as good as theirs, if not better, but they still get all the glory, all the shares, all the comments.

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  • The Struggling Blogger’s Guide to Increase Blog Traffic

    You’ve just found out about blogging for a living… You’re excited. You’ve got a killer idea for a blog. So you start it, write some great content and even make your blog look pretty. You optimize every post you publish for SEO… And yet, your analytics look something like this: Here’s the deal: Waiting and praying, for your SEO to pay off is a recipe for blogging disaster.

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