Juliana Casale

  • In-House Advertising in the News

    The times, they are a-changin’ — and quickly. Amidst news from comScore that Americans spend more time per month on mobile apps than they do on desktop Internet, eMarketer reports that direct response has claimed the majority of US m ...

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  • 4 Ways to Retarget Your Audience on Facebook

    As the leading social network by global user numbers and amount of usage, Facebook is the logical choice for reaching customers where they spend the most time — but its high-performing native ad units really set it apart as a marketer’s be ...

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  • Local Focus is the Next Big Thing for eCommerce

    As our marketing intern Shaun attested in last week’s post on millennials, mobile is the new black. And it’s not just the “digital native,” 18-34 set that’s hooked; eMarketer projects that 1.75 billion people worldwide will h ...

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