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  • 10 Writing Tools That Will Rock Your Content Marketing

    Coming up with ideas is really hard – they don’t spontaneously pop into my head while I’m cutting vegetables. – Garry Trudeau Content marketers have two problems. They need to create content faster than they already are, and they need to raise the quality level so that they can be “heard” above all of the other noise out there.

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  • 9 Secrets Of Amazing Content That Gets Shared!

    Your content is good, sometimes even great and occasionally awesome – however, how do you create amazing content that becomes shareable content? Amazing Content is Shareable Content Creating amazing content is a conscious choice. Content marketers make this choice every day, as they decide what to craft and publish on their organization’s blogs and social media platforms.

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  • Reaching Millennial Generation C: 5 Ways to Connect and Convert

    Toddlers have tablets built just for them, and elementary school kids have iPads and phones. Being connected is a way of life now, and that connectedness is starting at earlier and earlier ages. Where did it begin? With the Millennials – that 18-34 age group that, now in adulthood, is the first generation to have had some type of device in its hands from a very young age.

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  • 5 Practical Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Website

    Why do we buy stuff? The psychology of selling hasn’t changed – it is embedded in human behavior and our habits. We buy stuff because it relieves a pain in our life, it appeals to our sense of belonging and it makes us excited. We make that final purchase decision because for some reason we can’t wait any more – it is an urgent and important matter that needs to be attended to right away.

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  • What the Rich Say about Getting Rich – 10 Books to Inspire You

    Admit it. You do envy people who are rich, if only just a little. Life just seems to be easier for them; they don’t worry about the bills; they take nice vacations; they can pursue lots of interests and hobbies; they don’t worry about retirement. We also wonder how they became rich, if they did it on their own rather than having inherited it.

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  • Dishonest Job Candidates: 3 Steps for Weeding them Out

    Everybody writes their resumes in ways that enhance their best qualities and obscures their weaknesses. In the same vein, people answer interview questions in the most self-flattering way possible. This behavior is perfectly acceptable and should be expected from recruiters and business managers.

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  • 7 Mini-Hacks to Exorcise the Procrastinator in You

    That procrastinator in us is like a little “devil” that makes us put off things that we should be doing in favor of doing those things we would much rather do right now, even if the more enjoyable activity is just daydreaming! We procrastinate for a number of reasons, but the most common one is that the task we are facing is just not pleasant – it’s that report that is going to be hard to wri.

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  • Is Your Blog in the Graveyard? 7 Fatal Blog Errors

    If you do not have a business blog, start one immediately. Blogs are proving to be the most significant factor in building a business, a brand, traffic, and, ultimately sales. If you already have a business blog and are not realizing the business growth that you should, you may be making some fatal errors that should be corrected right away.

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