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  • Why does Wikipedia Rank so Well?

    It’s an all too familiar problem: You dedicate hours to writing blogs with the purpose of bringing traffic to your website. You are excited to share your knowledge with the world in a personalized setting and you cannot wait for your blog to rank number 1 on Google for your topic. The trouble is, there’s a very high chance that it will never reach that top coveted spot.

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  • 3 Advantages to Long-Form Content

    Have I got your attention? Probably yes, as this is the first paragraph of my blog. But what if I asked you this question in the fifth or sixth paragraph? Would I have still had your attention, are you skimming at this point, or are you back on social media? This is the battle that content marketers face when providing content online.

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  • Why Should I Convert to a Responsive Website?

    Whenever I talk to prospective clients, I generally like to let them know that, these days, the Internet is easier to access than water. It may sound like a ‘tongue and cheek’ comment, but when you think about it, you walk around with your phone much more often than you walk around with a water bottle. Let’s take a moment to come to understand what a responsive design website actually is.

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  • 5 Essential Apps to Help Grow your Small Business

    Gone are the days with big filing cabinets and bulky computer monitors with cables that seem to tangle all around your feet. Since the invention of the smartphone and the tablet, there has been a surplus of apps to help business owners stay organized, increase their profitability, and work smart, as opposed to hard.

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  • A Brief History of Blogging

    For the last few years, blogging has been a necessary tool for every website looking to generate traffic. A consumer asks a question on Google, clicks on the first link they see, and starts reading. In turn, the website creates a new lead and a possible customer. In a way, blogging is another “gateway” to the end sale.

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