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  • 7 Hacks For Maximizing Your Creativity In The Morning

    Ah, that elusive creative spark. It often seems like just when you need it the most, it’s the hardest to find. It can show up without warning (often at 3am) or leave without permission (often after a manager asks for your ideas). And it can be the hardest of all to manifest first thing in the morning when your caffeine hit is still kicking in and your inbox is full of new emails.

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  • 10 Bold Social Media Predictions for 2017

    As of 18 minutes ago, we are 95% finished with 2016. Social media played a huge role in the year, and its presence in our daily lives is only growing as time passes. The way we consume information, communicate with one another, and even the US Presidency was heavily influenced by social media in 2016. Next year is likely to be more of the same, and by the same, I mean further change.

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  • 6 Video Marketing Tips to Maximize Your Impact

    Do you use video content in your social media marketing? Wondering how to optimize your videos to get more views and engagement? In this article, you’ll discover six tips to help you improve the performance of your video content. Discover six tips to maximize the impact of your video marketing.

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  • How to Choose the Best Social Network for Your Audience

    I hear it all the time. “What should we post on Snapchat?” “Should I be on Pinterest?” “How about Periscope?” There are plenty of social media platforms to choose from, and I need to stress the word, choose, here. Just because a social network exists does not mean that your brand needs to be on it. In fact, spreading yourself too thin can actually hurt your brand.

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  • Social Marketing’s Biggest Moments in the Last 5 Years

    Over the past five years, social marketing has evolved. Social networks are adapting to the meet the needs of both consumers and advertisers, which means trying to balance user experience with revenue opportunities. With so much happening in just five years’ time, it can be hard to pinpoint the changes which were actually industry-changing — so I did it for you.

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