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  • Content Marketing Takes a Cue From Fast Casual Dining

    Published 1 min ago 43 We’ve all had our moments where we succumb to weakness and fatigue. Making a tasty dinner from the comfort of the kitchen is just too daunting with a busy work week, too many hobbies and familial obligations. There’s a neon beacon and an empty drive-thru. It’ll take five minutes and you know everyone will be happy with a full belly, no matter the substance.

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  • Content Marketing Trends at the Golden Globes

    Content Distribution, Content Marketing, Content Promotion, Owned Media, Shared Media The Rasputins and tea leaves are chiming in with worthy content marketing trends to follow as 2015 kicks into gear. It’s good to get the upper hand on what the content marketing world believes is worth the investment.

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  • What Content Marketing Has Gained from Journalism

    Content Marketing, Owned Media The emergence of technology in journalism has not only led to advancements in how quickly and thoroughly news is reported, but also in how news is presented. No matter the current trends that drive news coverage – be it print, digital, or televised – there is one that is now so engrained in traditional journalism that no one even notices: mark ...

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  • Tapping the Content Marketing Wilderness of Ello

    Other Networks, Shared Media There exists a subsect of people all too familiar with the ins and outs of Facebook and Twitter, but can they honestly say that they weren’t wide-eyed and confused when they first visited those vast, empty landscapes? It’s easy to forget that the origins of many social media outlets came with a slow roll, not a big bang.

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  • The Importance of Detail-Oriented Content

    Content Marketing, Owned Media It’s a simple concept, but one that is often ignored during the thought process to navigate toward an overarching goal. Yet for all the proverbs and clichés that push us toward the bigger picture at the cost of the small stuff, it’s the details that are so important when generating content and building an audience.

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  • Content Distribution from the Receiver’s Perspective

    Many of us who call ourselves content creators spent enough time in classes that placed importance on David Berlo’s Communication Model. In short, the process explains how the source of the content, the message therein, the channel by which it is transmitted, and the receiver/decoder of the message all work in tandem to effectively communicate.

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  • Expand Your Audience With Multi-Level Targeting

    No matter the content, the goal of marketing is to influence and expand your audience. Depending on the industry, you could be aiming for top recruits, CEOs and COOs, or working to be a thought leader in innovation. You research and write; then proofread and rewrite. It’s pored over by editors and management until the message is on point.

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  • Why Hobbyists Make Great Content Providers

    After surviving my first brush with Gen Con, I was amazed to witness how tens of thousands of people had turned a hobby into a passion. Within that subset, there were those who turned a passion into an entrepreneurial spirit. And if you care to delve further, there is a group who has turned their ideas into moneymaking companies that fuel the dreams of people new to the experience.

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  • Content Marketing Lessons From The Entertainment Industry

    The entertainment industry’s constant struggle for continued success has become a steady source of news. It is embedded in many of our daily habits, even if it’s just a quick glance at the cable guide to see what is on after a long day. Yet there is much to learn from the nonstop coverage of the Kardashians and the rise and fall of television shows that hit the bottom as quick ...

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