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  • 7 Types of Content That People Love to Share

    Consumers are continuously searching for informative, engaging, and valuable content online. The goal of a content creator, then, is to create different types of content that people love to share, effectively increasing social shares and generating qualified traffic to their website. However, consumers do not treat all types of content equally.

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  • 4 Easy Ways to Boost Conversions From Facebook Ads

    Published 1 hour ago 36 The main purpose of a Facebook ad is to boost conversions on a landing page by motivating users to click on the advertisement. Even with a properly optimized landing page, there is always opportunity to further streamline the customer journey from advertisement to landing page. Here are four such factors that can boost conversions from Facebook ads: 1.

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  • 10 Content Marketing Ideas for 2015 You Can Implement Right Now

    What do you think skilled content marketers should know to improve their business productivity in this cutthroat marketplace? By skilled content marketers, I mean someone who holds significant expertise in using the latest resources and tools along with the customary marketing programs to boost their business revenue amidst this tough competition.

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  • 4 Ways to Boost Conversions with Google Analytics Reports

    4 Ways to Boost Conversions with Google Analytics Reports In this day and age, search engine optimizers are instructed to keep check on the Google Analytics (GA)insights of their website to monitor its performance. However,the part that is missed by most is that the GA reports are more than just the graphical validation of our websites being cool.

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