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  • The Best Google Alternatives For Email, Search, Docs and Everything Else

    Due to Google’s overwhelming popularity, it can seem like there are no real competitors to their products. However, sometimes it’s good to test the waters with other products to see if you like using them better. Don’t get us wrong — we love Google, but we also love choice. After a good bit of research, we think we’ve found the best Google product alternatives out there.

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  • How To Revive Your Dead Company Blog

    Photo Credit: brykmantra via Compfight cc No longer posting on your company blog can happen innocently enough. You probably decided to skip a day or a week because of all your other work deadlines. Before you knew it, months had gone by without a post. Now, you’re wondering if you should resume posting or not, or whether just to kill your blog orphan.

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  • The Psychology Behind Sharing Content

    Marketers instinctively realize that referrals and word of mouth and are important to growing a business and a brand. There’s evidence to back this instinct up: a three-year study of German bank accounts found that referrals are both more loyal and more valuable customers. Certain brands are so successful at this that they inspire levels of great devotion among customers, who ...

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