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  • Compelling UX Design: Who’s Doing it Right

    Every website is unique in that it exists to serve a specific audience of users. If it’s been created thoughtfully, it will be designed around meeting the needs of those users and helping them accomplish their tasks or goals with ease. Still, there’s much to be learned from the UX innovations of other companies.

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  • 2017: Why Paid Media is More Important Than Ever This Year

    Marketers get really excited when we think we have the opportunity to promote something for free. And why not? It makes sense to take advantage of those rare instances of free promotion. The reality, however, is that rarely can you get something for nothing, especially when it comes to marketing. In 2017 we’re looking closely at how and where we invest in paid media because the ...

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  • Instagram Stories V Snapchat Stories: What’s Best For Your Brand?

    There is no doubt that Instagram has taken a lot of heat since the debut of their overly familiar “stories” feature. The update – that had 90% of our office scratching their heads wondering “isn’t this why we have plagiarism laws” - lets users share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Over a month has passed and thus far, brands seem to have caught onto the feature ...

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  • Rule 40 Update: The Real Olympic Marketing Medalist

    There is no doubt the Olympics provide an opportunity of a lifetime, not only for athletes, but for marketers. Over the past four years, the marketing landscape has changed dramatically due to advancing technologies, strategies and insights. For marketers, keeping up with these changes has been the easy part, developing strategies that effectively influence demographics without ...

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  • 2016’s Summer Games: What Global Marketers Need to Know

    Although there are less than 24 hours left before the Games officially start, the competition for many brands kicked off months ago. Revenue, sponsorship, and advertising budgets have continued to grow each year, and with the ever increasing opportunities made available to marketers, it’s no surprise that brands are spending upwards of $1 billion on Olympic agreements.

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  • Best Digital Marketing Newsletters You Should Subscribe To

    First threatened by RSS, and then social media, the existence of the email newsletter has always been a little rocky. However, lately, curated newsletters seems to be enjoying a comeback Like most, my inbox is way too familiar with the trickle of junk from internet to inbox. It’s hard to find a newsletter that delivers the news we as marketers need to stay informed, let alone ...

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  • Brands With The Best Email Marketing Campaigns: Summer 2016

    It’s no secret we appreciate a strong email marketing campaign, we also happen to be big fans of summer, so it only made sense to combine our love for the two and present what we think are the best email marketing campaigns of summer 2016...so far. In a day and age where people recall their email address easier than their physical home address, it’s vital that the content you’ ...

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  • Is Affiliate Marketing an Effective Way to Market Your Business?

    All too often marketers witness clients pass up great opportunities, programs, and strategies due to preconceived notions and myths surrounding particular initiatives. Affiliate marketing is a prime example of a program that is often approached with high caution, and rightfully so. The topic of affiliate marketing is a widely contested one, with industry veterans, newcomers, an ...

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  • Earth Day Infographic: Digital Marketing Solves World Issues

    In honor of Earth Day, the team at Blue Fountain Media decided to dive in and focus on four main global initiatives. These environmental issues - water, education, landfill waste, and food shortage – each have an approximate monetary value attached to solving them. Although at first the value seems hefty, when broken down and compared to everyday activities, spend, or situation ...

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