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  • The Bloggers Guide To Making Money From Freelance Writing

    I still remember my first day as a freelance blogger/writer pretty clearly, even though it was some years ago. I was sitting on my computer at my mom’s house, looking at an email from my first ever client and thinking something along the lines of, “So you really want to pay me for writing blog posts?! Awesome!” It wasn’t long until I realized that blogging for a client involv ...

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  • 5 Ways Of Finding Top Blogs In Your Niche In a Post-Technorati Era

    Technorati is no longer with us. Actually, scratch that. Technorati is still with us as a company, but their famous blog directory is gone. Whether it’s gone for good, we don’t know, but right now, the company has transformed into a fully fledged advertising network. Here’s the official launch post to get you up to speed.

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  • Slow Website? Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Site Speed – WordPress Edition

    My first experience with website speed tests was a bit … what’s the word … brutal. And scary. And hyper discouraging in general. The first time I tested my site was around two or three years ago, but I remember the score quite clearly. That’s because what I found out was a whopping eight (yes, 8) seconds of total load time. To say the least, I was completely amazed, in a bad way.

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  • Panda? Penguin? Hummingbird? A GuideTo Feared Google’s Zoo

    It’s believed that Google makes as many as, wait for it, 600 changes to its algorithms every year. That number is kind of shocking, especially considering the fact that we don’t even hear about most of those changes.For example, right now, people are mainly worried by just three: Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird (plus their iterations).

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  • Top 5 Reasons Customers Unsubscribe From Your Email List

    Email marketing is hard work and sometimes really ungrateful. You have been working day and night to build a great mailing list, create your newsletter, promote it everywhere you can, maybe even create a free gift to entice people to join, following all the tips to boost email open rates yet all this seems in vain when people opt out so eagerly from your email list after receiv ...

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  • How To Use Coupons To Promote Your Business

    Coupons seem like a pretty old school piece of marketing history, don’t they? I mean, it’s 2014 and we are no longer that excited about things like Groupon or its many copycats (how much discounted sushi can a person eat?). So, are coupons still a viable promotion tool for your business? Can they work, and not only this year but also going forward? Can all types of businesses ...

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