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  • Clinton, Trump, And Email Marketing

    The dust has barely started to settle after last week’s election. The results aside, we decided to see how the two leading presidential candidates used email in their campaigns. How often did they send emails? How did those emails encourage subscribers to vote? And most of all, were their email marketing campaigns as exciting as the presidential campaign in general? According ...

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  • What Marketers Say: Trends in Marketing Automation

    A while ago, we asked marketers on Twitter about their marketing automation insights. One of the things we wanted to know was what trends they see in MA this year. Here’s what they told us: For previous posts in this series, click the links below: Marketing Automation No-nos Marketing Automation Tips Thought on Marketing Automation According to Dave Chaffey’s survey, mar ...

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  • The Dos And Don’ts Of Email Marketing Automation

    Marketing Automation is rapidly transitioning from cutting edge new technology to an absolute “must have'” for all businesses. Whether you work for a B2C company wanting to send reminders to convert site visitors interested in your products or a B2B company who needs to nurture leads along a complicated buyer journey, marketing automation is one of the most effective tools for ...

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  • The Introvert’s Guide To Surviving (And Thriving) At A Conference: Five Tips

    It’s that time of year again. An annual season that strikes terror into the hearts of introverts the world over. Conference time. Few experiences are as terror inducing for introverts like me than being thrust into a swelling crowd and told, “Here … go be sociable.” Thankfully, over the last couple of years — through hard won lessons and a little help from a handful of insigh ...

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  • What Marketers Say: Marketing Automation No-nos

    A while ago, we reached out to marketers on Twitter to get their take on marketing automation. You can see some their thoughts and tips here and here. Today, we give you a few things from them on what NOT to do when it comes to automating your marketing. Don’t just send @getresponse also, automated outreach without research is bad.

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  • What Marketers Really Think About Marketing Automation (Part 1)

    So you might have figured out that we’re going to talk a lot about marketing automation in the coming months. And there’s a good reason for that! J That being said, we also want you to talk to us about your experiences with automating your marketing. So far we’ve collected very interesting comments and tips from some of the marketers experienced in using some kind of marketing automation.

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  • Marketing Automation: Prepare For The Perfect Tool

    Marketing automation has been a hot topic, on the minds of most marketers around the world, for some time now. Many of them still think of it as a tool reserved for big companies, huge marketing budgets, and advanced marketers. What if we told you there’s a tool flexible enough that it can be adjusted to the needs of both those who are just starting out and marketers who are al ...

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  • Why Community Management is Easier Than Having a Toddler

    Before I had a kid, I thought working in social media was one of the toughest jobs out there. And while I still think it’s by no means a piece of cake, some things I learned over the past two years made me reconsider it’s place in the order of things. We (as in Community Managers and Social Media Experts) all know it – managing an online community means great responsibilities: ...

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