Kate Watts

  • Google Mobile Insights 2014

    Google Agency Partners Mobile Insights Having just returned to the office from Google HQ in London, I thought I’d let you into some of the Mobile Insights I gained today! RocketMill were one of a handful of Google Partner Agencies who were invited to Google today for a workshop on Mobile Advertising Insights. Let me start by saying that the welcome pack was awesome – as usual.

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  • Can’t find your ads on Google? The importance of the Ad Preview Tool!

    Ever wondered why you and your colleagues see different results on the Google landscape when you try and search for your own ads? By searching (repeatedly) for your own ad on Google, you will be: a. Skewing your statistics and hindering your account performance You will be increasing the number of impressions Decreasing click through rate (CTR) as you won’t be clicking o ...

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  • Bing Ads – Auto Tagging Along with Google!

    Bing introduces Auto Tagging within the Bing Ads interface Finally Bing Ads have released Auto Tagging for Google Analytics within the Bing interface…I wonder where they got that idea from!! For many years we have spent an age manually tagging our Bing destination URLs so that we can track our Bing data in Google Analytics.

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  • The Importance of Conversion Tracking For Your ROI

    It’s every PPC manager’s worst nightmare finding an account that doesn’t have any form of conversion tracking. No matter how small the daily / monthly budget is, conversion tracking is a must. Knowing what your return is from your AdWords spend is important to every business; tracking the success of any campaign is critical.

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