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  • 5 Lessons I’ve Learned (the hard way) in CRO

    November 15, 2017 Approaching an anniversary commemorating the time I’ve spent in the glorious arena of conversion rate optimization under the umbrella of a stellar PPC agency (#8 on AdAge’s Best Places to Work list), I wanted to take this small corner of the Interwebs to share a few key lessons with you all. Why? Because I am a doer. I learn by doing. Thus, I tend to make mistakes.

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  • Landing Page Testing: Go Big? Or Small?

    September 26, 2017 The CRO arena has been moving and shaking since its early beginnings; constantly challenging itself to adapt and optimize (Convenient, right? Optimizers optimizing their own industry?). Lately, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding testing; specifically, how big should we test? Some clients want to move hard and fast testing radical changes very frequ ...

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  • Isolate Your Competition’s Weaknesses To Strengthen Your PPC Efforts

    May 9, 2017 Competition is literally the foundation of our industry. If it were not for the strategy behind competing in the auction, machines would be more than capable of carrying the duties of PPC and the world would have less PPC unicorns. It’s safe to say that most of us are, at the very least, aware of who our competitors are, but are you watching them and studying t ...

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  • Capture User Attention On The SERP And Hold It On The Landing Page

    March 16, 2017 It’s all about attention folks. On a Google SERP, we’re trying to pull in a user by using the words they’ve used and are scanning for along with various other tactics. On Facebook, we’re trying to hook our users into an action while they sit in a mindless browsing mentality. The underlying and crucial principle here is attention.

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  • 5 Habits To Adopt To Keep Your Users’ Experiences On Your Mind

    January 31, 2017 What’s one HUGE factor influencing your conversion rate? And not only your conversion rate, but the conversion rate of your returning users? Or even the number of users you have returning? User experience. As digital marketers, we want to speak to our users about their specific pain points on a level that is appealing and understandable.

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  • While We Conclude 2016, Let’s Talk About Concluding CRO Tests

    December 27, 2016 While we approach closing out yet another year, and while the question “When can this test conclude?” still comes up in my conversations at least once a week, I felt as though it was time to sit down and write out my test conclusion process and all the variables that factor into this decision.

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  • CRO And PPC Go Together Like Fall And Pumpkin

    In the PPC world, there are so many cogs and wheels working together to push the marketing machine forward. We optimize ads in every facet – how they appear, when they appear, to whom they appear, and so on and so forth. What seems to be forgotten is that without a website or a landing page that ad can’t send anyone anywhere.

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  • My Experience With Landing Page Best Practices And The Failures That Ensued

    October 24, 2016 Hopefully, you’re well aware that taking best practices with a grain of salt is a best practice in and of itself. Best practices are great guidelines, right? But that’s it. They’re guidelines. Best practices are not absolute. They don’t always work in every situation. And this is why we (join me in this one, let’s say it audibly) always test everything.

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  • 5 Psychological Principles You Should Be Using In Your Marketing

    September 19, 2016 Marketing is an art form in and of itself. A key piece of marketing is the audience. The saying “Know your audience” tends to be a rather ambiguous command that gets thrown around often as a solid step to ample conversions. I propose that knowing what your audience is thinking or even the steps in their thought process is even more beneficial than simply k ...

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  • It’s Not Enough To Be Relevant – Your Landing Page Has To Be Dedicated

    August 9, 2016 You spend months testing ad copy and optimizing bids to ensure that your ads are not only visible or relevant, but effective. It’s not about impressions. It’s not even about clicks. The end goal, the cherry on top, is the conversion. That conversion occurs on the landing page. So how do you choose the page that sends your visitors into conversion land? Do yo ...

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