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  • MediaVision Nominated for a Drum Search Award

    Posted by Katherine Verhoeven on May 12, 2015 | Tagged as: Once again we’re popping the bubbly here at MediaVision! That’s right, we’ve been shortlisted for a Drum Search Award for the Best Retail/Ecommerce Campaign for our work on the DickiesStore Digital Marketing Revamp! We are extremely proud to be nominated for this award, coming shortly after a win at the CIM Marketing Excellence Award.

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  • Penguin 3.0 is Here! Do You Need to Worry?

    Posted by Katherine Verhoeven on Oct 20, 2014 | Tagged as: Tags: penguin 3.0, seo In the first time in over a year, Google has released a Penguin update –say hello to Penguin 3.0! Friday’s release is aimed at fighting spam on the web, but as many an SEO professional knows, Google can be notoriously ruthless when it comes to updating their aggregators, often painting a wide ...

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  • Chat Wars: Twitter Takes on WhatsApp

    Twitter shifts into the market of mobile chat with their latest upgrade. Twitter is stepping up the competition with Whatsapp as it starts to improve its direct messaging tool to work as a chat application. This comes after the ever-popular WhatsApp was bought by Facebook earlier this year. As the social network ups the ante on their platform in an effort to attract more users, ...

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  • Simple Social Mobile Marketing for Summer

    The summer holidays are finally here, the weather is heating up and the general public are leaving the safety of their offices, ditching their laptops at home, and venturing outside into the sunshine. But what does this mean for brands who have built their marketing around an integrated digital strategy? Luckily for digital natives, the truth is, even the most dedicated tanner ...

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  • Digital Marketing Takes the Lead

    The 2014 FIFA World Cup is more digital than ever before. The start of the FIFA World Cup is less than a week away and that means brands across the world are making the most of the building hype. We all know how it goes when football fever starts to heat up. Within what feels like the space of a few days, our televisions become inundated with adverts promoting the latest sneake ...

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  • David Abbott – The Man, The Legend

    It’s with a weary heart that the marketing world says goodbye to leading industry figure David Abbott, who passed on Saturday 17 May at the age of 75. Abbott, a legendary copywriter whose name has become synonymous with advertising, was trained directly by the two most famous admen of all time: David Ogilvy and Bill Bernbach.

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