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  • Mobile App Designs: Integrating Smartphone Hardware Part 2

    When looking to design and develop a mobile app for your brand, it can be beneficial to look beyond the standard functionality options. You want your mobile app to serve a purpose for your audience, and provide them with a tool that they can't find anywhere else offline. That requires building a unique mobile experience that is actually enjoyable to use, without deviating too m ...

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  • Website Redesigns: Questions to Ask Before Getting Started

    As businesses continue to grow, it’s important for their website and online presence to evolve along with them. Trends change over time, and in order for your company to remain ahead of the curve, your website design requires regular updates to maintain that modernity. However, often websites require full redesigns.

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  • Mobile App Designs: How to Integrate Smartphone Hardware

    When exploring the idea of building a mobile app for your business, there are a lot of small details that need to be taken into consideration. Above all else, you want your mobile app to serve a purpose and fill a need for your audience that you website could not accomplish alone. That requires creating a unique mobile experience that is intuitive and enjoyable for individuals to use.

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  • Logo Redesigns: Taking a Deeper Look at Company Rebranding

    When companies are creating a new brand identity, an modern and updated logo design is usually a top priority. Our team of talented designers took a deeper look at some companies that have gone through recent rebrands and changed their logos with creative new looks. Together, we've analyzed what encouraged these companies to switch up their looks, and the deeper meanings behind ...

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  • Information Architecture Process: How to Create the Best UX

    Information architecture is arguably one of the most valuable and necessary aspects of your website, and a task often shared between designers, developers, and content strategists. Information architecture involves the creation and structure of a website, app, or other type of digital project allowing users to understand where they are, and where the information they are seekin ...

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  • PR 101: How to Build and Foster Relationships with the Media

    Creating and fostering relationships with members of the media – journalists, editors, producers, and the like – is a crucial part of working in the public relations industry. Working with the media and establishing strong connections can lead to your becoming the go-to person in your industry of expertise We live in a digital age, as does the field of PR, which has led to pit ...

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  • Best Design Websites: Where Our Team Looks for Inspiration

    Designers and artists pull in inspiration from the world around them. For our designers, that means the digital world, and pulling in ideas from websites that help bring their projects to life. Here we have compiled a list of some of the most helpful websites our designers use on a regular basis. They provide inspiration, as well as helpful tools that allow our team to create b ...

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  • Best Website Design Tools: Our Design Team’s 9 Favorites

    When it comes to designing websites for clients at an agency, there is more to work with than simply Photoshop. With all that the digital world has to offer today, our talented designers have compiled some of their favorite tools to use when they are seeking inspiration, drafting up ideas, or designing beautiful websites.

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  • Website Redesigns: Our Design Team’s Favorite New Sites

    As the internet continues to evolve and mature, most brands find themselves in need of a “revamped” website. Whether it is to adapt to a new modernized look and feel, to accommodate users on their mobile and tablet devices, or to reflect a complete rebranding of the company. That being said, a lot of businesses are apprehensive before starting a website redesign—and for obvious reasons.

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  • The Future of Omnichannel Marketing: Key Tips & Takeaways

    On February 9th and 10th 2016, Blue Fountain Media hosted a seminar on “The Future of Omnichannel Marketing.” With the help of an esteemed panel of industry thought-leaders, we discussed how the landscape of digital marketing is changing, and what trends and initiatives we see on the horizon. Stay tuned to our blog in the upcoming weeks, as we hope to highlight each speaker an ...

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  • Valentine’s Day Email Marketing: Our Favorite Campaigns

    This year Valentine’s Day conveniently crossed paths with President’s Day. With that 3-day-weekend came some questionably cold weather, and endless opportunities for shopping online. Therefore, the only love letter I wanted to receive was in the form of an email filled with discount codes. Apparently I wasn’t alone.

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  • Super Bowl Advertising: The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

    The commercials that air throughout the Super Bowl are a time-honored tradition in the football-watching world (America). However, what was once the Monday morning water-cooler topic of conversation, has evolved into something much greater. As the marketing industry continues to change, these game-day advertising campaigns now begin long before kickoff, and continue way after t ...

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  • The 10 Best Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading

    As we kick off a brand new year and everyone heads back to work, we have tried to find a way to fill up those commuting hours once again. So we put together our list of the best digital marketing blogs that we think are informative, entertaining, and essential to the marketing community. Some light reading to help the time pass on the train.

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  • Best Email Marketing Campaigns of 2015: Black Friday Edition

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for email marketing. With Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday barely behind us, the holiday shopping season has officially kicked off. When we weren’t cashing in on our favorite deals this past weekend, we were keeping track of some of the greatest email marketing campaigns that filled up our inboxes.

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  • Four Marketing Tips to Improve Your Ecommerce Mobile App

    We all know how the realm of digital marketing is rapidly changing, especially in relation to the growing popularity of mobile apps. Search engines are regularly updating their algorithms, prompting marketers to adjust their practices, make changes to their paid media strategies, and stay up-to-date on the latest platforms, products, and software that are being introduced into the market.

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  • Best of the Inbox Awards: Top 8 Email Campaigns of 2015

    Despite having been one of the first digital methods adopted by direct marketers, email is an often neglected element to the online marketing mix. The ROI, however, continues to remain prevalent: A census conducted by Econsultancy in 2014 concluded that revenue from email marketing efforts has increased proportionately by 28% in just one year.

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  • 10 Ideas to Design a Better Sign-Up Form

    Sign up forms are a great way to get users involved with your company’s website, and they open the door to maintaining the long term attention of your audience. Whether you are giving a reader the option to create an account, join your mailing list, or begin a free trial, these forms can lead to increased conversions for your business.

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  • Blog Content Optimization: How to Enhance Search Rankings

    Writing engaging content for a blog is great. But writing that content with a purpose is even better. You want your posts to be discovered, and in turn, lead that traffic to your company’s website. However, this doesn’t just happen - active steps need to be taken while writing your blog content to increase your chances of being ranked highly on search engines, in order to natur ...

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  • Content Repurposing: How To Reuse and Recycle Your Work

    Why Is It Important? Creating strong and interesting content is an essential online marketing concept that we are already very familiar with. We take the time to regularly update our sites to make sure they provide visitors with consistent and reliable information that they can easily engage with, and associate with our brand.

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