katie mckenna

  • Checklist for Outsourcing Your Social Media Efforts

    If you’re working your way down the “must-have” list of digital marketing needs for 2016, organizing a coherent presence across social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter would get slotted in right under “Setting up my website.” At least it should. Social media fosters brand loyalty and community, increases sales, and helps strengthen SEO, and it accomplishes all of that ...

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  • How to Write Sincere Marketing Copy

    The fear of scarcity permeates our culture. People believe they don’t have enough. They spend time calculating how much they want. And when they see what others have, all they can think about is what they’re missing. In Buddhism, this concept is called “The Hungry Ghost.” Hungry ghosts are beings with tiny mouths the size of a pin and large, empty stomachs.

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