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  • Win of the Week: Local Listings

    Creating brand awareness for your business is crucial. You put a lot of time and resources into creating that business you always dreamed of, and now you want other people to see your hard work. Fortunately there are companies to help you gain traction online with business listings. Take a look at the two ads below, both for the same local listing website.

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  • Win of the Week: Package Deals

    Holiday season is approaching and you know what that means—visiting your favorite in-laws! You spend four long hours on an expensive flight to Kansas City all just to sleep on your in-laws hard, lumpy mattress. Instead of subjecting yourself to overcrowded houses and pre-cooked ham, we want to advise you about some great deals on nearby hotels.

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  • October 8: Webinar with AdGooroo

    We’ve got some big things coming your way! This week we are partnering with AdGooroo for an exclusive webinar about Speeding Up PPC Creative Optimization to Maximize Holiday Sales. Boost Media wants to help you drive that click-through rate through the roof—especially during prime shopping season. On Thursday, October 8th AdGooroo, a Kantar Media company, and Boost media will ...

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  • Event Recap: Audience-Powered Breakthrough

    Earlier this week, SEM experts from Boost Media, IgnitionOne and DialogTech discussed using audience targeting to optimize search results in an exclusive webinar. As personalized marketing strategies based on refined audiences continue to be an invaluable tool fo ...

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  • Win of the Week: Photography Class

    Fall is approaching, and many of us turn to social media to document the changing of seasons. Unfortunately, we are too busy drinking our pumpkin spice lattes, apple picking and attending pseudo Oktoberfest events to brush up on our photography skills! But if you are anything like me—you know only your best photos will get you those triple-digit-likes on Instagram.

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  • Win of the Week: Get Comfortable

    Ladies, let’s be honest, we all do the same thing—get home from our busy day and immediately take our pants off. We’ve been dealing with our scratchy, tight pants digging all day, and we’ve had enough! It’s time we take a stance, and while there may be nothing we can do about those rules on work attire, there is something we can do about underneath our pesky pants. That’s right.

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