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  • Small Business Tech Trends That Will Define 2017

    2016 was a year of unprecedented upheaval, and many of us will be keen to see it go. But in spite of (or perhaps because of) all this, businesses are looking confident about their prospects in 2017. Whether it’s leaps in technology, nostalgia for old habits or just selling with a smile, these small business tech trends for 2017 should see your SME through a period of prosperity.

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  • Business Brexit: How To Relocate Your Enterprise to France

    In the post-Brexit clamour to tempt businesses away from Britain, the best claimant may be France. The UK’s closest continental neighbour already has thriving hubs for many of the UK’s key industries. With the banking sector a particularly tempting prize, politicians have already rallied to provide further incentives.

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  • French Eco-Businesses Gain Momentum

    Today, most, if not all businesses understand the importance of climate change. Our ever-increasing consumption of natural resources is widely accepted to be unsustainable, and businesses are having to adapt in order to meet changing customer demands and new governmental policy. In the past year alone, sales of consumer goods from brands with a demonstrated commitment to susta ...

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  • How To Protect Your Business With Intellectual Property Rights

    Entrepreneurs often invest time, money and a significant amount of energy to develop a business idea. There’s nothing more soul destroying than after years of hard work, seeing your idea, products and services being copied and sold by competitors. Protecting your Intellectual Property is an essential component of running a business and in the early stages when there’s so much t ...

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  • Turning A Hobby Into A Business – A Happier Life

    In 1937 George Valliant, a psychologist and Professor at Harvard University, began one of the longest running studies of physical and mental wellbeing ever recorded. For over 70 years Professor Valliant and his colleagues studied the lives of 268 individuals through wars, divorces, sickness and even a successful presidential election.

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  • Latvia – A Rising Star for International Entrepreneurs

    Latvia isn’t a country that immediately springs to mind when you think of economic heavyweights, but this small state, tucked quietly away by the Baltic sea, is actually one the world’s growing economies. According to the International Monetary Fund, Latvia is expected to overtake its Eurozone neighbours by doubling its economy growth to around 4% by the year 2020, with one ...

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  • How To Overcome The Fear Of International Expansion

    We all suffer from fear of the unknown. It’s a perfectly natural response designed to keep our ancient ancestors from doing anything stupid. Without it the human race is likely to have been wiped out in a series of ill informed decisions, over zealous curiosity and the occasional poke at things with very big teeth. But too much fear can be equally as damaging.

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  • How To Survive A Startup

    For a certain breed of individual, there’s always been something quite alluring about the thought of being stranded on a desert island. The idea of being totally responsible for every choice we make and the part each tiny decision plays towards our ultimate success or failure is for some, the perfect challenge. We are of course talking about ambitious entrepreneurs.

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