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  • 4 Tried and True Tips for Upselling Your Current Customers

    One of the most effective ways to grow your business is by expanding your services with your current clients. So, almost a month ago, our CEO slacked our entire staff with this important question, “what add-on package could we develop in-house that will ...

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  • 5 Tips To Manage Client Expectations In 2016

    Managing expectations is one of the most important aspect to maintaining a healthy and rewarding relationship with your clients. Needless to say, when a project is over, no one will remember how many meetings you had or how many documents you created, how fast you did something, or for how much or little. But, they will remember the experience.

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  • 15 Quotes to Help Project Managers Stay Motivated

    The holidays are just around the corner! If you are a project manager, this means finalizing projects and meeting critical deadlines, monitoring team assignments, renewing contracts, onboarding new projects, and so much more for next quarter -- sounds a bit stressful, right? Well, truthfully, it is quite stressful around this time of the year for project managers.

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  • 3 Gotta-Have Project Management Tools to Increase Your Team Efficiency

    When an item on your to-do list becomes a monster (no offense to Shrek) you need more than a checklist to keep track of it. Chance are, what you really have on your hands is a lengthy project, and you need a tool designed to manage it. In this post, I’ll share three project management tools that can help improve efficiency and productivity for you and your team, but first le ...

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