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  • 4 Unique Solutions PPC Agencies Can Offer

    From two-man shops to teams well in the hundreds, agencies offer a wide spectrum of solutions that can be difficult to navigate. As you open up the door to research potential partners to assist with your PPC (or maybe you’ve already selected one), consider how each agency may be able to tailor their offerings to fit.

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  • How to Use Client Service Reports to Improve Retention

    PPC Hero series week continues as we review how various reports can help you achieve your account goals. Earlier in the week, Carrie and Jacob provided details on how to use location extension and destination URL reports. Today, Kayla is going to use a less traditional “report” and take more of a client relations approach.

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  • The Do’s & Don’ts of Agency Goal Setting

    Not every brand or business needs to utilize the resources of an external agency when it comes to PPC campaign management. For those that do, a few non-negotiables are key: communication, transparency and goal setting. We’ve recently dug in to how clients can communicate with your agency, but specifically how should you go about setting goals for that agency? Let’s outline ...

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  • How to Communicate With Your PPC Agency

    There are plenty of instructional tools and posts that outline the best ways for PPC agencies to communicate with their clients. That content tends to put the onus on the agency, and certainly as the client you can (read: should) anticipate your agency taking the bulk of responsibility when it comes to setting up recurring meetings, bringing proactive PPC strategies to the account, etc.

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  • 4 Benefits of an AdWords My Client Center (MCC)

    Despite somewhat firm beliefs that agencies encompass a special fairy dust of some sort that makes them “better” at PPC – we don’t. Certainly expertise and experience contribute to this perception and definitely set some agencies apart from one another, but there’s not a magic switch. What agencies do that individual advertisers may overlook is utilize the basic tools available to them.

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  • Why It’s Crucial To Audit PPC Accounts Ahead of Management

    This month's blog series is all about why we do what we do in paid search. We're always talking about best practices, methodologies and strategies we utilize, but why are those methods the standard? Why do those methods and strategies work? We'll discuss anything and everything - ad copy, mobile, account structure, projections, bid changes, keyword match types, conversions and ...

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  • Finding the Right Fit – The Importance of Client/Agency Culture Alignment

    There has been a lot of travel happening for the team here at Hanapin/PPC Hero, myself included. I was lucky enough this last week to be in Seattle for a few days and while there, visited a current client with our Director of Sales and President. The visit had no set agenda, as we were in the area for another meeting but wanted to stop in for an extra touch base because why no ...

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  • Advanced ABCs of PPC – Terminology & Strategies to Remember

    In the spirit of last week's blog series, I'd like to take our readers back to school with a revisited paid search alphabet. I published a similar post back in August 2012, but I mainly focused on general and/or beginner-level terms. This time around I'll uncover some more advanced PPC terminology and concepts to keep in mind as you manage your paid search campaigns.

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  • 6 Factors to Assigning the Right PPC Account Manager

    New client account assignments are not a task to be taken lightly. In fact I would say this might be one of the most crucial steps in onboarding new business. Account Managers (AMs) can't be assigned like used car lot salespeople ("Whose turn is it?"). Why is that? Because just as any account has multiple facets of need, Account Managers have different experiences and focus areas to offer.

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