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  • 7 HubSpot Reports You Need to Build!

    IMPACT has been using HubSpot’s Reporting Tool for some time now and, let me tell you, we love it. Leveraging it, we’ve developed more tailored reporting for our top of the funnel marketing, business development, and sales pipelines. We’ve also moved more things from spreadsheet ...

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  • Why You Should Take (And Get) HubSpot’s Inbound Certification

    There’s no question - the more you know as a marketer, the better the decisions you make will help your business. The issue with that is, well, things are changing so fast. How can you possibly stay on top of all the new trends, tools, and techniques that apply to marketing your business? In order to answer that, let’s look at this from 5,000 feet - let’s talk “high level” about marketing.

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  • 4 Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques You Can Roll Out Today

    So, you’ve nailed down your website’s SEO. You have the right keywords, your site is accessible, and your future prospects are finding it. Your work is done, right? Wait for it…. No way! What good are all those visitors you’ve generated if you can’t bring the qualified ones into your sales process? A great website not only attracts qualified traffic but employs the right t ...

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  • Scale Your Sales Team by Design, not by Chance

    Jacco van der Kooij does an incredible job of presenting a common problem in the environment of quickly scaling organizations. Watch the Prezi or read my executive summary below. Here’s the problem: Inside sales teams with high turn-over are tasked to go after CxO’s with stiff targets, so they turn to hacking and scripting. Within the sales organization, process and training are afterthoughts.

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  • 5 Ways to End Up on the Marketing Naughty List

    He’s making a list. He’s checking it twice. He’s going to find out if your marketing’s naughty or nice. In all seriousness, with the end of the year rolling around it makes sense to do a quick stop check and make sure your practices won’t land you on the naughty list. With marketing advancing as fast as it is, it’s easy to fall behind the curve, so take a minute to make sur ...

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