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  • Why Having an Expert SEO Team Isn’t Enough

    In my last article, “The New Schools of Thought in SEO: Algorithm Chasers vs. Audience Pleasers,” I introduced the concept of Search Experience Optimization as an alternative to the classic search engine optimization. However, there was a subtle point that I glossed over that I feel I should discuss a little more, because it can be vital for online success – democratizing SEO.

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  • The New Schools of Thought in SEO: Algorithm Chasers vs. Audience Pleasers

    In years past, there used to be just two schools of thought in SEO: whitehats and blackhats. The sad fact is (even if you were part of the “good guys”) your actions—whether content-related or technical—were often driven and dictated by Google’s algorithm. It’s job security, right? I’ve even been guilty of glibly saying that Google’s 400 algorithm changes per year would ensure ...

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  • Google’s Shifting SERPs Signal the End of Generic Results

    Published 1 min ago 27 In the field of SEO, we’ve known for years that Google is constantly running new tests on how results are displayed. It’s quite common to see a font size change or ad placements being rearranged, only to see those changes disappear a few hours later. But 2015 has seen some dramatic and permanent changes to Google’s search engine results pages (SE ...

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