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  • Hold that SDK: Mobile app advertising help is on the way

    Mobile app advertising has been an ongoing, complex challenge for the ad industry in almost every way. Most notably, mobile apps make it hard to scale a targeted media buy and measure accurately — basically, mobile apps don’t play nice with the adtech ecosystem. Why native mobile apps hold back advertisers and publishers Apps you install from the Apple or Google app stores ar ...

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  • Research: Five reasons why 100% viewability isn’t worth the cost (by a long shot)

    There’s a lot of chatter about 100-percent viewability, and even more slamming the Media Ratings Council’s 50-percent viewability standard (PDF). Neither seems grounded in any data, which begs the question: where is the real intersection of viewability and performance? The fact is, if you’re a programmatic media buyer measuring return on investment or return on ad spend (ROI ...

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