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  • How to Curate Your Social Content With Reddit

    Are you looking for new content to share to your fans and followers? Have you considered Reddit as a source for valuable content? Using Reddit will reveal unique and interesting content that helps you stand out from the crowd. In this post you’ll discover how to use Reddit for content curation and inspiration. Discover how to curate content with Reddit.

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  • 4 Things You Need to Know Before You Pitch

    ) The most requested formats were (in order): Infographics Mixed-media pieces Data visualizations Images Video Interactive maps These assets can be even more valuable if the influencers you’re targeting have a large social presence. In another study on social traction, we learned that 51% of shares in the food vertical are earned on Pinterest, making high-definit ...

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  • Publishers Reveal How Marketers Can Earn Media Coverage

    Earned Media, Media Relations, Relationship Building There’s a lot of talk about how the rise of content marketing is impacting, well… marketers. Less addressed? The impact on publishers, our partners of necessity in the branded content boom, and what happens when we pitch them tons of stories without really thinking first. There’s little doubt that marketers need publishers.

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  • Why a Content Strategy Specific to Your Vertical is Crucial

    Content Marketing, Content Promotion, Earned Media, Media Relations, Owned Media, Shared Media Web traffic from social media is quickly catching up to – and by some claims, surpassing – traffic from search engines. This makes both your SEO and SMM strategies integral to reaching your customers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean trying to earn the most shares on every platform.

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  • 4 Videos That Get Cause Marketing Right

    “We’re in business to help improve lives.” If you hadn’t heard of TOMS, you might find this an unlikely slogan for a trendy shoe and apparel company. But I’m betting that you’re familiar with the company and the concept that has made it memorable: to help one person in need for every product purchased.

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  • 500+ Publishers On Content Marketing Best Practices [Research]

    Several months ago, I read an interesting study on publisher outreach. The writer had surveyed 100 bloggers in the food/parenting niche with a PageRank between 0-5 to discover what these publishers thought about search engine optimization (SEO) professionals. While Moz' founder Rand Fishkin complimented the research, he mentioned that he "might have wished for a larger sampl ...

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  • How To Activate Tribes For Viral Content Marketing Success

    The idea of "Tribes," popularized by Seth Godin and others, is just a fancy way of articulating the idea that the internet has allowed for massive segmentation of individuals. These silos of individuals can be thought of as tribes because they behave cohesively and respond similarly to stimuli that resonate with their shared interests, desires and goals.

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