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  • 3 Big Reasons You Should Be Blogging With WordPress

    Are you using self-hosted WordPress to power your blog? If you’re not, it can feel a little lonely. Seems like everyone is using WordPress – nearly 20% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, and it’s all you hear about in blogging circles. Why are so many bloggers obsessed with WordPress? You’re probably wondering… What makes it so great? Do you have to us ...

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  • 7 Great Analytics Tools For Bloggers (Most Are Free)

    How do you define your blogging success? It’s always nice to get feedback from readers, hear thank-yous and congrats, and get comments on your popular posts. But when it comes to strategically growing your blog and implementing an effective blog monetization strategy, you need something more than good feelings – you need cold hard data.

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  • 9 Social Media Management Tools To Save You Time

    Note: Adam originally wrote this post back in 2013, Keri has since updated it to incorporate some other great tools for 2015 and beyond. When you’re running a business, time is money. You can’t afford to spend all day crafting tweets and scheduling Facebook updates. When you invest your time in social media, you need to make sure that you’re getting the best return on your investment.

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  • 5 Powerful Backup Plugins For WordPress: Keep Your Data Safe

    How many hours total have you spent working on your website? Not just writing blog posts, but configuring your settings, choosing themes and plugins, moderating comments, searching for the perfect image for each post etc., etc. If you’ve had your website for any length of time, the number of hours spent on it is probably mind-boggling, if you could even come up with a ballpark estimate.

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  • 8 Top Advertising Management Plugins For WordPress

    One of the easiest ways to monetize a website is with advertising…at least in theory. We’ve all heard the big success stories of people earning thousands of dollars a month from Google AdSense, but in practice those successes are difficult, if not impossible, for most websites to replicate. Google Adsense can be tricky to configure and get it to display nicely on your website ...

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  • OptimizePress Review – Create High Converting Landing Pages Fast

    Are your landing pages getting you the results you really want? Most of us wouldn’t mind getting that conversion rate a little higher. There’s an art and a science to landing pages. Every little tweak, from a subheading, to an image caption, to the color of a button, can have big changes on your conversion rate. Getting a page “just right” can take hours, even days.

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  • How To Get The Most Out Of Pinned Tweets

    The new Twitter is was announced back in April and has now been rolled out to most profiles. I admit at first I was skeptical, mainly due to the obvious similarities to a certain other social media giant… but the new design has quickly grown on me. I love a lot of the new features like popup notifications, easier profile editing, bigger profile pics, and especially… Pinning T ...

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  • How To Choose A Twitter Username When Yours Is Taken

    So you’ve decided that Twitter’s the right social media for you, and you’re ready to set up your account. You fill out your account information only to find… Your name is already taken! Twitter now has about a billion registered users, so chances are your ideal name (especially if it’s a common personal name, or your brand uses common words) may already be taken.

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