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  • What can your industry achieve with content? Here are results across 15 verticals

    Whether you’re just getting starting with a content marketing strategy or you’ve been at it for a while, determining what success looks like can be tricky. Managing expectations about what your industry can achieve with content is crucial. For example, if you’re creating content for a universally loved topic, like travel, your content is probably going to have greater potent ...

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  • Is your content share-worthy? 4 questions to ask

    Getting your content picked up by heavy-hitter publishers feels like you’ve struck the content marketing jackpot. You rolled the content creation dice in your hot little hand, threw them down the internet’s green felted table and landed the winning combination to rake in shout-outs from high-rolling digital influencers.

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  • This major content marketing benefit is worth the wait

    If you sink enough money into most marketing tactics, you’ll see nearly immediate results. Since content marketing is often an exception to this rule, many marketers mistakenly think their content strategy is ineffective if results don’t come quickly. Content marketing is not a quick fix. If you’re just beginning to execute on a content marketing plan or launching a new stra ...

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  • How to responsibly create content that pushes the envelope

    It’s no secret. Content marketing is driven by results; the higher the number of shares, links and publicity, the greater the mark of success. But to get those high numbers of engagement, you’ve got to provide something that strikes a chord with your audience. Create something that will make them stop to read it, absorb the information and feel moved to share it.

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  • What do employers look for in a content marketer?

    The days of solely identifying with the left side (technically savvy) or right side (highly creative) of your brain are over for marketers, especially for those hoping to land a position in content marketing. A recent study by Fractl (my employer) on “Today’s Content Marketer” determined employers are now searching for hybrid marketers for content marketing roles.

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  • Surprising lessons from BuzzFeed’s most popular content

    Whether it’s news about a “Gilmore Girls” reunion or proof that cats are jerks, BuzzFeed is a creator and curator extraordinaire, and it’s often viewed as the gold standard in viral content. Getting your content picked up by BuzzFeed can lead to millions of views and social shares, but how do they do it? It turns out success on BuzzFeed requires more than kitten GIFs paired with minimal text.

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  • 5 engaging visual content formats that aren’t infographics

    There’s no telling how many times marketers have uttered the phrase “let’s turn this data into an infographic” since this visual format shot to popularity several years ago. Infographics have become popular for good reason. When done well, they pack a powerful visual and informational punch. But sometimes infographics are a lazy way of visualizing data or telling a story.

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  • What Content Marketers Can Learn From 7 PR Wins And Fails

    Fractl, my employer, recently teamed up with Moz to examine how a surge of press coverage affects search engine optimization. We picked seven brands that were in just about every publisher’s newsfeed between February 2015 and February 2016 to analyze the impact of major media attention on press mentions, organic traffic and backlinks.

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  • Why Content Marketers Should Tap Into The Power Of Niche Influencers

    Content marketing and influencer marketing are a natural fit — influencers need valuable content to share with their audience, which is where your content comes in. Many marketers looking to incorporate influencer outreach as part of a content promotion plan make the mistake of choosing influencers based on popularity alone.

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