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  • Checklist for Planning Content Marketing for WordPress

    A successful content marketing campaign is all about creating and distributing unique, quality and relevant content across the web in order to increase brand awareness. It has become one of the most popular buzzwords in the digital market. Of course, writing great content is essential, but you can’t skip its marketing on multiple web platforms and social media websites fo ...

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  • Avada WordPress Theme Review

    Avada Theme Review & Avada WordPress Website Design Support & Website Maintenance for Avada AVADA WORDPRESS WEBSITE DESIGN FOR ONLY £99.95 NEED HELP UPDATING YOUR AVADA WEBSITE? REVIEW BREAKDOWN APPEARANCE: 62% RESPONSIVE: 89% ECOMMERCE: 76% FEATURES: 34% EASY TO EDIT: 84% SUPPORT: 95% OVERALL: 73% Overall Appearance I’m just going to c ...

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  • Optimal Settings For Yoast – Website Maintenance Tip

    Onsite SEO is the key and foundation to online success. It doesn’t matter how many quality inbound links you have if your website isn’t correctly structured and optimised for your targeted keywords then all your offsite efforts will be wasted. A great tool we use is the Yoast SEO Plugin. Its not just about having the ‘green lights’ pop up on every web page (to be honest, this ...

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  • W3 Total Cache Minify Settings – Website Maintenance Tip

    W3 Total Cache is now packed full of great features to improve your websites performance and overall website maintenance of your website. In this article I will show how to correctly setup the minify settings in W3TC to increase performance and GoogleSpeed Insights. This will give you a better user experience and search engine rankings with these minify settings.

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  • WordPress Image Optimisation – Website Maintenance Tip

    How your images load on your web pages plays a vital role with your website maintenance and overall performance. A very high percentage of website owners fail to optimise their images correctly within WordPress, which has a knock on effect with your load time and Google rankings. In this article i will go through some great tips and tools to boost your overall load speed and performance.

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  • A&M Training Services Design Brief We were approached by PJ Marketing Solutions to build their client a new website for their plant and fork lift truck training business. They require the website to be built in WordPress using orange as the main colour theme throughout the website. All of their training courses need to be visible within a single click from every single page.

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  • JunkPorters Design Brief Client was looking for a new website built in WordPress as their old website was looking very dated (built in 2004). We received specific instructions that the website must be built in WordPress and rank well on Google for their industries keywords. JunkPorters took our WordPress website design package and our local SEO service to achieve their goals.

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  • DCL Cleaning Services Website Design Brief DCL Cleaning Services required an upgrade of their old website which was starting to look a little dated. They needed to display their cleaning services effectively to visitors in order to increase conversions. We built the website in WordPress to allow easy editing for the client to add additional gallery images of their work.

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  • Brown Cow English Design Design Brief Client was look for a rebuild of their existing website. This was due to improve the visual appearance and also perform well on Google. Their old website used to have a ‘Buy Now’ button that links directly to PayPal in order to sell their online courses. We built them a properly functioning WordPress eCommerce website which allows users ...

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  • Total Truck Training Design Brief We were approached by PJ Marketing Solutions to build their client a new website for their fork lift truck training business. The design brief was simple, build a website in WordPress using high quality images and it needs to look great on mobile devices.

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  • Fresh Logistics Website Design Brief Client was look for a rebuild of their existing website. Their old website was self built and needed updating to look professional that reflects their business. Fresh Logistics required all their services to be displayed easily by the user all within a single click from any page.

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  • Dirtbusters – Liverpool

    The Problem The client approached us looking to improve website performance and Google rankings. Their website has been live for over 8 years and built up a lot of dead pages that cause indexing problems. This lead to ranking issues for their targeted keywords on Google. We also identified the internal linking structure was setup wrong and caused problems passing on t ...

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  • Fresh Logistics

    The Problem We recently built a new website for Fresh Logistics and we were looking for ways to improve the website performance speed and rankings to be better than their competitors. We found a new opportunity to make the site load even quicker than when we built it (see below) while performing our regular website maintenance services and update checks.

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  • SEO Gym Workout Failure Without Website Maintenance

    Ok, so you have got your website and you are already aware of SEO and the benefits it can bring to your business online, right? But what you probably unaware of is the importance of website maintenance and correctly managing your website on a regular basis. This is where a huge 87% of website owners fail to break the top 2 positions on Google.

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  • Google Index Bloat – Website Maintenance Tip

    Index bloat is a huge problem, especially if you are trying to get ranked on Google. WordPress and eCommerce websites are the usual suspects for index bloat. So What is this index bloat thing you are going on about?? This is where different versions of the same web pages get indexed multiple times.

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  • Wisem WordPress Theme Review


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  • 3 Routes For Building Backlinks With A New Website

    (Don’t Read If Easily Offended) The beauty of a brand new website is you have a clean slate with your inbound marketing campaign and link profile. You now have 3 routes you can go down, one will achieve next to no search engine traffic, another will give short term traffic (then nothing) and the final route will generate high search engine traffic.

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  • Creating Custom Parallax Images For WordPress

    Having high impact images on a website really makes a page pop and gives it that extra professional cut above your competition. This can have the opposite effect if your images look dull, blurry or completely irrelevant. Following the below you can create stunning, custom parallax images for your WordPress website using the Visual Composer Plugin and best of all… you do not re ...

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